SwiftyZERO Endurance

SwiftyZERO Endurance is SwiftyZERO with added pannier racks, mudguards and kickstand.

Made to order at SwiftyHQ, the pannier racks with integrated custom made kickstand fit to SwiftyZERO and featured in SCOOT JAPAN, an epic 1000 mile adventure by Dave Cornthwaite.

4-6 weeks lead time.

Project Date

Scooter Model
SwiftyZERO MK2

Special Projects


Designed and developed to aide Dave Cornthwaite on his 1000 mile adventure around Japan. Find out more about Scoot Japan in the journal.


On 19th December 2016 Dave completed the 12th journey of Expedition1000, arriving into Tokyo after a 1052 mile wide, roaming loop of southern Honshu and Shikoku, with his trusty SwiftyZERO Endurance.

The journey took 33 Days. 17,574m elevation scaled. 565,000 estimated pushes. 14 islands navigated. 191 tunnels. 432 bridges crossed. 10 ferries taken. 1 epic adventure completed, the 12th non-motorised 1000+ mile journey of his life.


We custom designed and made these pannier racks at SwiftyHQ. They had to be light weight, robust and adaptable. Elasticated straps and several slots allow gear to be held down in many different configurations. This helps to give easy access to items needed at speed. To find out more go to the journal.

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