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Best Adult Scooter - Celebrities and YouTube Stars Who Choose Swifty Scooters

Best Adult Scooter - Celebrities and YouTube Stars Who Choose Swifty Scooters

Swifty is the go-to scooter brand for celebrities from A-list actors to YouTube sensations. Don't believe us? Here's your definitive rundown on all the celebs that have embraced active travel and get around using their beloved Swifty!

Kate Hudson - @katehudson - 12.5 Million Followers

World-renowned actress and Oscar nominee Kate Hudson uses her Swifty when she's out and about in London! When she was with Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy they bought a couple of limited edition Conran Shop Swiftys! See her in action below in a picture snapped by InStyle.

Kate hudson, Kate hudson scooter, kick scooter with big wheels

Johnny Orlando - @johnnyorlando - 6.3million Followers

16-year-old singer Johnny Orlando has millions of streams on his YouTube videos and was winner of the Best Canadian Act award at the 2018 MTV EMAs. He loves using his Swifty to get around when he's not performing to sold out crowds!

Johnny Orlando show, big wheel kids scooter


Sadiq Khan – @sadiq - 1.1m Followers

“From air pollution and climate change to housing and transport, new technologies and data science will be at the heart of the long-term solutions to urban challenges.”

That’s right The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan himself is a supporter of a Swifty! Here he is at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park kicking off London tech week in 2017 on an e-scooter just before the electric scooter trend took off!

sadiq khan scooter, mayor of london, big wheel scooter for adults


Max and Harvey - @maxandharvey - 963k Followers

Twins Max and Harvey Mills rose to fame on musical.ly lip-syncing to popular songs before they were picked up and started releasing original new music earning them millions of views on YouTube. The duo are also currently on 2019’s Celebrity X Factor, and are keen members of the Swifty community!

max and harvey scooter, bets scooter for kids


Paul Smith - @paulsmith - 422k Followers

'Swiftly does it'

Fashion designer Paul Smith has a reputation as one of Britains leading designers. His brand began in men's fashion and grew from there to become an internationally recognised brand. Paul also happens to be one of Swifty's top fans so much so that we collaborated on a scooter together!

Kirstie Allsopp – @kirstiemallsopp - 420k Followers

'I never go anywhere without my Swifty'

Kirstie Allsopp and her family have three SwiftyONEs that they use daily to get around. One of her kick scooters is a custom painted model with upgraded high-pressure Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres seen below. She's never seen without her Swity and is constantly being snapped by the tabloids on it. In fact, Kirstie loves it so much she's used hers on TV on Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location!

Kirstie Allsop, big wheel scooter for adults

kirstie and phil, kirstie allsopp and phil spencer, adult scooter

Colson Smith - @colsonjsmith - 163k Followers

Colson Smith, best known for his iconic role as Craig Tinker in Coronation Street has ridden a Swifty as part of ITV's 'How To Spend It Well at Christmas with Phillip Schofield'. He chose to try out the SwiftyONE-e for the powered transporters section of the show, and after a wobbly start absolutely loved it!

Colson Smith scooter, craig coronation street scooter, craig from corrie
coronation street scooter, colson smith escooter, big wheel electric scooter


Amanda Lamb - @missamandalamb - 106k Followers

A Place in the Sun presenter Amanda Lamb has her very own Swifty too, which as you can see from the below Tweet she often uses to help her out on the school run!

school run scooter, commuting scooter, adult push scooter

KidzBop UK - @kidzbop_uk / @kidzboptwinkle 47.9k Followers

Kidz Bop UK are an ever-changing children's singing group that cover popular songs for children, they have sold over 16 million copies worldwide! Here is the latest team taking their fleet of Swiftys for a spin, and band member Twinkle loving hers!

girls scooter, boys scooter, kids scooters
boys scooter, girls scooter, scooter for children


Nichola Joss  @nicholajoss - 47.6k Followers

Nichola Joss is the go-to beautician for a host of A-listers from Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson to models Kate Moss and Elle Macpherson and even Meghan Markle! She travels to her high profile client list while on her Swifty!
beautician scooter, 16 inch wheel scooter


Jamie Nicholls – @jamienichollsuk - 44.5k Followers

Jamie Nicholls is a UK snowboarder; a two time Olympian and a three-time World Cup medallist. He was a key member of the 2018 Pyeongchang Team GB Winter Olympics squad and uses Swiftys to fill his time between competitions.

Check him out below mid grind during a shoot with Billy Morgan around the Olympic Village!

stunt scooter, adult big wheel scooter for fun

Billy Morgan – @billy_morgman - 42.6k Followers

“They’re seriously fun and easy to ride. I like the low impact, but full-body movement of scooting. I don’t like gyms, so getting out on the scooters was great fun while we were waiting around for our event days.”

Billy Morgan is a professional UK snowboarder and an Olympic bronze medallist. He loves to ride his Swifty and used it to get around the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Village along with the rest of Team GB, see him in action below!

Scooter stunting, Scooter grind, large wheel scooter

 See the full video of Jamie and Billy shredding the Olympic Village on their Swiftys HERE 

Elise Christie – @elisechristielikescake - 42k Followers

Elise Christie is a short track Speed Skater; a ten-time European gold medallist, a Triple World Champion, 2017 Sports Personality of the Year Nominee as well as the Telegraph's Sports Woman of the Year 2017! Her injury during the 2018 Olympics dashed her hopes of Olympic gold but she found her Swifty to be the perfect asset in her rehabilitation. Elise said her Swifty was 'a godsend' in enabling her to get around during her recovery.

Elise Christie, sport scooter, scooter for athletics


Read more about the Swifty fleet in Pyeongchang for the 2018 Winter Olympics HERE!

Andy and The Odd Socks - @andyday81 - 38.8k Followers

Andy and the Odd Socks are a children’s band that’s aim is to spread positive messages to school children around the world. Andy Day also has a some incredibly popular Cbeebies shows too. Here's the band on their fleet of Swiftys at the CBBC Summer Social 2018!

childrens scooters, scooters for kids


Tahl Rinsky – @trinskyyoga - 35.2k Followers

Yoga guru and co-owner of Australian based ‘Creature Yoga’ Tahl Rinsky lives and breathes the teachings of yoga in every element of her life.
Forever promoting the beauty of life’s moments a Swifty is a perfect fit for her active lifestyle. Tahl has a SwiftyMARINE, perfect for dealing with the sand and sea spray that comes from living on the coast. She also has a SwiftyIXI for her children to cruise around the beaches of her hometown Byron Bay. 
celeb scoot, family scooters, premium scooter

Jack Eyers  @jackeyersgb - 21.7k Followers

Model, actor, Mr England 17-19, and GB Paracanoeist, Jack Eyers has done it all. From having elective surgery to remove his leg at 16 he’s taken what some would see as a disadvantage and made it a positive to excel at everything has a go at.

Jack is another one of Swifty’s ambassadors, using his kick scooter every weekend to get out exploring and staying active. It has become a great asset in helping him exercise the muscles in his less developed side.

Jack eyers, para-canoe, GB canoe


 Listen to our podcast with GB Paracanoeist Jack Eyers discussing his career and motivations HERE

Toby Olubi – @tobyolubi - 3.7k Followers

‘The list of the benefits of scooting versus other modes of transport is endless.’

Toby is a professional bobsledder who has earned a Silver medal with Team GB at the 4-Man World Cup in 2017, he’s also part of the team that’s responsible for the fastest speed ever recorded in a bobsleigh at 97 mph! Toby is also one of Swifty's ambassadors and an avid supporter of scooting as a key mode of transport due to its eco-friendly and low impact nature.

Olympic bobsled, low impact cardio

Charlotte Upcott (Gilmartin) – @cpgilmartin - 2.1k Followers

Charlotte is a recently retired short track speed skater, during her career she was the team captain, two time Olympian and member of the Ladies relay team that set a British Record time in 2016, among plenty of other achievements!

Charlotte is another of Swifty's ambassadors, using her scooter to help her get around in everyday life. Whether it’s running errands or taking her dog Daphne for a walk she’s always got her Swifty close to hand!

push scooter with big wheels, adult scooters

Graham Hill - @mrgrahamhill - 2k Followers

Founder of Treehunger.com and CEO of LifeEdited, Graham is all about living sustainably and efficiently so Swifty would obviously be a perfect match! Graham does indeed have a Swifty which he utilized in his project to create an apartment design to fit 8 rooms into 350 square feet!

adult folding scooter, scooter for commuting, folding kick scooter 

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