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Shopping Locally with Swifty Scooters + Our Kid x Ludo Christmas Pop-Up 2018

Last weekend, Swifty Scooters teamed up with children’s boutique Our Kid for an exciting Christmas Pop-Up Shop in Chorlton, Manchester. On December 1st and 2nd, we took over the Le Deli by Ludo to show both our adult scooters and kids scooter SwiftyIXI. You could take them for a test ride and join in with our Christmassy Elf Craft!

The Pop-Up Shop was located in the middle of Chorlton, where tons of local businesses are blooming. Beech Road is filled with little boutiques, restaurants, pubs and independent coffee shops. It has a really strong community feel.


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Who are Our Kid?

For this Pop Up Shop, we partnered up with one of our retailers and friends at Our Kid. Our Kid is an independent children’s boutique run by a trio of women who have created an exciting and stylish brand, selling unique and well-made kidswear, toys and gifts (including our junior scooter, SwiftyIXI). The three women behind the Our Kid work hard to combine their business with their family lives. Our Kid has grown to be a real thriving hub and support network for families. It was great seeing the community get together for this Pop-Up Shop and show their support for these local brands, Our Kid and Swifty Scooters.


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Shop Locally

Shopping online might be convenient, but there are a lot of advantages to shopping within your community. By going into your community and browsing local shops, you can often find rare and unique items. These products usually have a lot more character and personality, simply because you can’t find them everywhere. By buying locally rather than online, you also boost the local economy which creates more local jobs. This helps to keep the shops around town stay unique. Without the smaller, independent shops, every shopping street would almost be the same.


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Why do brands do Pop-Ups?

Pop-Up Shops have seemed to get more popular over the last few years, and there’s some good reasons to why that’s the case. We at Swifty Scooters find it important to connect and engage with our customers offline as well as online. These Pop-Up Shops give us the opportunity to talk with you and answer any of the questions you might have about our Scooters. It’s important to see the face behind the brand you’re buying from and connect with the people who created the item you are interested in.

A big plus is that you get to try the product before buying it. Especially with our scooters, we think taking them for a test ride at one of our Pop-Ups is a great way to experience the scooters before deciding to buy one. You can take our scooters for a test ride and get first hand experience of how they glide over the uneven pavements. It was great for us to see the smiles on the riders in Chorlton last weekend, too!


best scooter for kids, best kids scooter, boy scooter, girl scooter


We’d love to see you at our next Pop-Up Shop! Come see us for a chance feel the Swifty Glide and get answers to any question you might have. To find out when we plan our next Pop-Up Shop, make sure to give us a follow on our Instagram or sign up for our newsletter.

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