swifty adult kick scooters with big wheels in singapore

Swifty Scooters available in Singapore

Hello Singapore, Swifty is back!

We are very happy to announce a new partnership in Singapore with Luminari, an established high-end distributor supplying several impressive bike stores in Singapore.

adult kick scooters in Singapore, scooters with big wheels

With it’s hot and humid climate, flat coastal landscape and broad pavements, Singapore is an ideal place for Swifty to flourish. Singapore is also known for its efficient public transport network, ideal to use with our innovative folding adult scooter SwiftyONE.

adult kick scooter with big wheels, folding adult scooter in Singapore

Jason recently visited Singapore to meet with the team at Luminari. There was a meeting of minds, passion and vision for the Swifty brand. In Jason’s own words, “We just put it together!”, Jason was particularly impressed by their excellent staff knowledge, designed interiors, and excellent locations of the Luminari, BRU and My Bike Shop stores, ticking all the boxes.

adult kick scooters available in singapore, swifty scooters

adult kick scooters, folding scooters in singapore

Swifty will be placed alongside brands such as folding bike specialists, Tyrell, Tern, Dahon, Moulton and Bickerton, great to be among some of our British friends!

adult kick scooters in singapore, swifty scooters

Luminari will receive a small display consignment of samples later this summer, with the first order arriving later this year. Swifty would like to invite you to try and test the range, please visit Luminari for more details, or connect via their facebook page.

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