scooter for heavy adult, scooter for tall person

A Scooter for Taller and Heavier Riders | Q+A with Toby Olubi

A Scooter for Taller and Heavier Riders | Q+A with Toby Olubi

For those particularly tall or heavy, it can be a challenge finding a suitable scooter. Scooting is the ideal exercise to help you to get back into a more active lifestyle. Besides that, we wouldn't want anyone to miss out on the fun of riding a kick-scooter. This is why we’ve got the perfect solution!

SwiftyONE TALL and SwiftyAIR TALL

Introducing: The SwiftyONE TALL and SwiftyAIR TALL, the kick scooter suitable for taller and heavier adults. Our kick-scooters are already suitable for people weighing up to 150kg (330lbs), but with a raised handlebar, the SwiftyONE TALL and SwiftyAIR TALL are perfect for adults with a height up to 6’5” (195cm). Both the SwiftyONE and the SwiftyAIR have a TALL version available in our shop now. Both come with an installed handlebar cross riser, adding extra height to the original Swifty. Especially for those tall or heavy, a scooter that allows you to stand straight enough to be comfortable is a must. Even with the added height, the folding mechanism still works perfectly on the SwiftyONE TALL for your commuting and travelling needs.

SwiftyONE TALL comes with a handlebar that’s adjustable in height. It can sit between 1055mm (41.5”) and 1155mm (45.5”). SwiftyZERO TALL’s height is 1155mm (45.5”). We will put them together for you in our workshop, making it ready to use upon arrival.


A Q&A with Toby Olubi

We love how our scooters are being used by professional athletes as a form of complimentary exercise. We spoke to professional bobsledder and Swifty ambassador Toby Olubi about how he uses his Swifty. Commuting through London is made much easier for him.

Toby achieved the speed record for the fastest ever bobsleigh (97mph) leading up to GB Bobsleigh’s Silver medal at the 4-Man World Cup in 2017. He loves riding his SwiftyZERO TALL, which he needs, measuring in at 6’5”!

scooter for heavy adult, kick scooter for heavy person, scooter for tall person

Scooting for tall and heavier adults

Swifty: Why do you choose scooting over other modes of transport?

Toby: The list of the benefits of scooting versus other modes of transport is endless. Firstly, it’s eco-friendly so it doesn’t harm the environment. With a scooter running on manpower it doesn’t harm your wallet either. Bikes need some sort of maintenance but I find scooters need the least. The Swifty scooter also comes with the foldable option which makes it easy to move around and it doesn’t compromise its shape or performance (unlike foldable bikes which often seem inadequate).

Swifty: What are the benefits of scooting for you as a professional athlete?

Toby: The biggest thing for me is the difference between scooting and cycling. A scooter allows me to get out of the sedentary seated position that often locks up my hips. It allows me to adopt the correct posture, engaging my core and work on my “pushing” muscles. As a bobsleigh athlete, my pushing muscles (namely my glutes, quads and calves) are essential to my event. Pushing a scooter works these muscles in a capacity that’s not too taxing but beneficial.

Working the glutes (as the biggest muscle in your body) is an efficient and effective way to burn calories. The bigger the muscle being used, the more calories you burn. With a scooter you get to combine transport, calories burning, posture fixing and a workout all in one.


lightweight scooter for heavy adult, scooter for tall person, scooter for tall and heavy people

Swifty: How do you think scooting may benefit individuals with a less active lifestyle?

Toby: The thing about scooting is that there is virtually no impact. When you haven’t worked out in a while, this can be your biggest worry when getting back into an activity. Secondly, a scooter helps you get out of the sedentary seated position that we often find ourselves in (either in a car, in front of a desk or on a sofa). This is key in getting the right core muscles switched on and get you started on the way to a healthier you.

Swifty: Do you think scooting can help people move towards more active travel? Such as replacing car journeys for commuting or running errands.

Toby: Living in London, the scooter allows me to cut through traffic, ride on the pavements and take short cuts through parks. A scooter can also be used in addition to other public transport. This way you can switch between modes cutting down travel time immensely. I’m also based in a rural area in Gloucester where public transport is intermittent. Having the scooter makes it so much easier to get to training and also doubles up as a warm up.

adult scooter for heavy person, tall scooter for tall and heavy people

Swifty: What about using a scooter when suffering from injuries?

Toby: Typically, you should always consult a medical expert before embarking on any activity, especially after Injury. But for me, scooting helped me get about when I had a foot injury. I was able to place my injured foot on the scooter and use my other foot to propel myself forward. As my foot got better the scooter helped me get low impact volume back into my foot as I switched positions and got my foot stronger at pushing before I tackled pushing the big boy: The Bobsleigh.

Check out the product pages for more information about the SwiftyONE TALL and the SwiftyZERO TALL.

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