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The Swifty Podcast Episode #10 - GB Para-canoeist Jack Eyers

For our tenth episode, Jason is joined by Jack Eyers, model, actor, Paracanoeist, Mr England 2017-19 and personal trainer among other things!

They discuss everything from Jack’s eclectic career to the lack of amputee awareness growing up, the responsibility of educating the public about amputees nowadays and his Tokyo 2020 Paralympic hopes!

Jack Eyers amputee athlete

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  • How Jack got involved with Swifty - 00:39
  • Jack’s elective amputation at 16 - 03:00
  • Meeting Louie Brownsell, Jack’s first role model and how that got him into acting work - 07:41
  • Jack’s experience of backpacking - 13:30
  • Why Jack became a personal trainer and model - 18:29
  • Paracanoe VL3 Paralympic event explained - 24:40
  • Getting involved in Canoeing - 30:42
  • Why Jack chose his mechanical leg - 36:06
  • Getting onto the GB Paracanoe program - 39:24
  • Jack’s training program and support network - 45:19
  • Supplements and diet breakdown - 49:03
  • Tips for recovery if you’ve overdone it - 55:16
  • The importance of educating the public about amputees - 01:02:42
  • Advice to people who might see themselves as disadvantaged - 01:04:00
  • Jack’s experience with his Swifty - 01:07:59



 Read more about the SwiftyONE MK3 TALL that Jack uses HERE

To find out more find Jack at the below details!

Web -

TW – @JackEyers

IG - @jackeyersgb

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