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The Swifty Podcast Episode #2 - Micromobility

Micromobility is a hot topic in terms of the automotive industry nowadays. However, it’s a relatively new term to be added to the city travel lexicon, so what exactly does it mean?

In Episode #2 of the podcast Swifty founders Jason and Camilla get to grips with their definition of micromobility, the impact it’s going to have on the industry and Swifty’s place in the movement.

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  • What does Micromobility mean? 00:39
  • The pre-existing scooter travel options 05:04 
  • Safety standards of electric mobility 11:47 
  • Transport is the key to growth in cities 14:58 
  • Micromobility in terms of speed. Defined by slow speed? 20:55 
  • Closing comments about micromobility 31:53


To find out more about the Micromobility Revolution read our blog post exploring it further HERE 

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