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Frequently Asked Questions



1) Will my scooter cope with all terrain?

All scooters have 16 inch pneumatic tyres, which can cope with uneven terrain, including gravel and grass.  A smooth hard surface makes for the smoothest ride. Only SwiftyAIR is designed for jumps and stunts.


2) How do I scoot?

Just step on to the footplate and kick with the other leg, remember to alternate your kicking leg by swapping legs while scooting in order to get a balanced workout. Don’t forget there is room for both feet to stand while cruising!


3) Deck height – what’s the science behind it?

Swifty scooters are designed to cope with urban mixed terrain. We like to ride with a bit more ground clearance than a road racing scooter, and believe that having 70mm of space between the ground and the frame is the sweet spot to allow riding over any lumps and bumps, on and off curbs, and up and down steps without bottoming out and scratching up your beautiful frame. This means that when kicking the standing leg has to bend which can get tiring. Due to our large 16" wheels and low rolling resistance, you don't have to kick all the time, and can often cruise with both feet on the footplate, allowing your legs to rest. These are the deck height and ground clearance measurements.

SwiftyONE:   Deck height- 105mm (4”)               Ground clearance- 70mm (2 ¾”)

SwiftyZERO: Deck height- 110mm (4 1/4”)         Ground clearance- 70mm (2 ¾“)

SwiftyAIR:     Deck height- 120mm  (4 1/2”)        Ground clearance- 70mm (2 ¾”)


4) How do I stop?

All scooters are fitted with front and rear brakes. In the event of an emergency stop we recommend bending your knees and using both brakes together.


5) How do I fold my SwiftyONE?

For full instructions, and downloadable pdf, click how to fold


6) Can I use SwiftyONE in a skate park for jumps and stunts?

No, SwiftyONE is not designed for stunts or off road use.


7) Can I legally scoot on roads or pavements?

There is currently no legislation in the UK regarding kick scooters and pavement or road use. In our experience bike lanes, quiet roads and pavements are all suitable. However, your Swifty scooter should be ridden responsibly at all times and we ask our customers to check their local legal requirements for kick scooters as legislation can vary from region to region. 


8) Should I wear a helmet?

Yes, helmets are cool anyway and could save your life. We highly recommend you wear a helmet at all times.


9) Are Swifty scooters suitable for children?

No, Swifty scooters are designed for adults and must not be used by children under the age of 14 yrs unless accompanied by an adult.


10) Do Swifty scooters come with a guarantee?

Yes, a 2 year manufacturers warranty. Swifty Scooters approved spare parts are available in the accessories section.


11) Are your scooters safety tested?

Yes, all our scooters are tested to BS EN 14619:2005 for UK and Europe.


12) What is the maximum weight limit?

We recommend a maximum load of 150kg. If you are unsure, please contact us.


13) How do I service my Swifty scooter?

Swifty Scooters recommends you make a basic check before every ride. Please check tyre pressure (max 80 PSI), check the brakes are working, and check all quick release levers are fully closed and tightened.  If in doubt please find a qualified bicycle mechanic for advice.


14) Will my scooter arrive fully assembled?

SwiftyONE comes fully assembled, SwiftyZERO and SwiftyAIR come partially assembled with instructions and tools provided. For full instructions and downloadable pdf, click assembly guides


15) Can I take SwiftyONE on public transport?

Yes. So far we have had no issues with taking SwiftyONE onto public transport when folded. However, sometimes it is up to the discretion of the driver of the train or bus. Please let us know if you encounter problems.


16) Will my Swifty rust?

SwiftyONE and SwiftyZERO have aluminium frames, SwiftyAIR has a steel frame. All scooters have steel front forks.The steel componants are zinc plated to help avoid corrosion, but if the paint work becomes chipped and the steel is exposed, rusting can occur.


17) Can I order custom colours?

This is sometimes possible, please contact us directly for a quote by emailing [email protected]


18) Where can I buy the Special Edition Paul Smith Scooter?

The Paul Smith collaboration was a limited production run with only 100 made! They sold out in 2012.


19) Can I buy mudguards/fenders, and a kickstand?

These extra scooter accessories are currently in work. Please sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with new products from Swifty.