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NYCe WHEELS reviews SwiftyONE adult scooter

We love it when our stockists make such clear and informative reviews about our creations. Sending a big thank you across the pond to NYCe-Wheels our new stockist in Manhattan. SwiftyONE Review Video: Note: SwiftyONE has an aluminium frame. See specifications here SwiftyONE Classic Black

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OCT 18

Super-Gran Dinah kick-scoots 500 miles solo

Now and then, we get wind of a customer doing incredible things. Last May, one lovely customer from the west coast of Scotland in Argyll got in touch to tell me know she was planning a long distance scoot in order to raise money for charity. I’m in awe. Here is a short interview with […]

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OCT 16

Electric scooters, hoverboards, electric skateboards – what’s legal?

While we know transport laws are aimed at cars, bikes and pedestrians, where do we stand with all the alternative modes that are now available? While innovative companies seek to solve the problem of urban mobility and inner-city air pollution, consumers are left confused. This category of electric vehicles is described as PLEV (Personal Light […]

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OCT 16

Warning to local commuters using the Bridgewater Canal cycle path

As the nights draw in, you might find yourself cycling along the canal during your usual commute, but now in the dark. This happened to be on friday night, I was caught out by the shorter days, and earlier sunset. I was zipping along the Bridgewater Way after leaving a little late from work, along my […]

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OCT 10

Swifty Scooters arrives in New York City

Swifty first came to New York in 2013 when the foldable adult-scooter SwiftyONE, featured in Graham Hill’s Tiny Transforming Apartment in SoHo. With unique slimline foldability, the SwiftyONE foldable adult scooter is a great solution to urban mobility, particularly if you live in a small apartment. The full sized adult kick-scooter folds so slim, it […]

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SEP 20

Swifty Scooters at The Southampton Boat Show 2017

Courtesy of VLF International, Swifty Scooters will be on display at The Southampton Boat Show. From 15-24th September 2017 Stand No. E021 VLF International is an independent yacht consultancy company, offering assistance with every aspect of purchase, sale, shipping, mooring, maintenance and registration of your yacht. VLF can also can advise with luxurious property, and marine products […]

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