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SwiftyZERO - Aqua Green and Silver £439 (£366 EX VAT)



A perfect adult kick scooter for fitness and long distance endurance, SwiftyZERO’s beauty is in its simplicity. SwiftyZERO features an aluminium frame, front and rear V-brakes and 16 inch wheels with 100psi Kenda tyres. It’s lightweight and strong (8.2kg, max load 150kg). Its pared down and super slim aesthetic is designed for speed and fitness.

The new SwiftyZERO MK2 has been redesigned from the ground up, the new frame and fork design delivers a smoother more stable ride at speed, thanks to the updated off set front fork. The new frame geometry gives a more comfortable scooting position, for cruising around the city. High pressure Kenda tyres come as standard, increasing speed and efficiency. Powerful and responsive V-brakes are fitted to the front and rear. SwiftyZERO rides beautifully!


  • Lightweight, only 8.2kg
  • Fixed aluminium frame
  • 16 inch (305mm) pneumatic wheels
  • High pressure Kenda KWest tyres with reflective strip
  • Super lightweight design
  • Front and rear V brakes
  • Max load 150kg
  • Length 1369mm, Width 145mm (excluding handle bar width 520mm),
    Height 1000mm.
  • Gloss Aqua Green frame with silver rims and stem set
  • Comes boxed and 80% assembled, instructions and tools provided
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Product Code: SWZRO-AQ-SL
  • EAN Number: 7426771441034


Model SwiftyAIR MK2 SwiftyZERO MK2 SwiftyONE MK3  SwiftyONE Marine
Price £499 £439 £599  £849
All Terrain      
Speed  ✔
Leisure    ✔
Folding Frame      ✔
Fixed Frame    
Aluminium front forks        ✔
Aluminium Frame    ✔
Steel front forks  
Front and rear brakes  ✔
16inch wheels  ✔
Max handlebar height 1000mm 1000mm 1050mm  1050mm
Ground clearence 75mm 70mm 70mm  70mm
Gross weight 8.7kgs 8.2kgs 8.3kgs  7.8kg
Max Load 150kgs 150kgs 150kg  150kg
Footplate height 115mm 110mm 110mm 110mm
Footplate width 137mm 137mm 168mm 168mm
Footplate length 395mm 395mm 400mm  400mm