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Swifty Scooters Eurobike 2022

Swifty Scooters Championing Micromobility At Eurobike 2022

Swifty Scooters Championing Micromobility At Eurobike 2022
This year’s Eurobike is almost upon us. The annual expo takes places between 13th - 17th July in its new home at Frankfurt, Germany. They’ll be more than 1,500 exhibitors from the international cycling and mobility industry attending.

Eurobike is billed as “the global interface between the cycling industry and the community” and is the world’s biggest exhibition for bicycles and a wide range of mobility solutions. Throughout the five days they’ll be networking and training event, workshops, lectures, seminars, congresses and panels lead by international athletes, keynote speakers and politicians.

It’s an exhibition which fully embraces the world of cycling, with dedicated bike paths being be laid out between the main train station and all Eurobike locations, with the Eurobike Map showing all the best routes for cyclists. 

We’re really excited to be over there again for what promises to be yet another hugely popular exhibiting event. We’ll be bringing a selection of our scooters, including both the SwiftyONE-e and SwiftyAIR-e.

Co-founder Jason Iftakhar and Head Of Global Sales Matthew Shea will both be available throughout the event to answer any questions about the brand, and they’ll also be the opportunity to take one of the scooters out for a demo ride, where you’ll be able to experience the big-wheeled beauty of Swifty for yourself.

As more sustainably-minded businesses are embracing the push for net carbon zero, the easy and accessible form of micromobility which Swifty Scooters offer is increasingly being seen as viable corporate solution for some high-profile developers.

Earlier this year we supplied a customised scooter fleet to Meta’s enormous Newton Data Center over in Georgia, allowing all staff and visitors the means of independently travelling around the huge site.

That eco-conscious mindset is certainly reflective of Eurobike’s own values as an advocator of the changing face of mobility around the world. This is none more evident in the choice of keynote speaker this year - New York mobility expert Janette Sadik-Khan. As Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation, Sadik-Khan was responsible for building over 600 kilometres of bike lanes and seven rapid bus lines.

If you’re in attendance, please do pop over to the Swifty stand to take a look at our sections of scooters. We’d love to know your thoughts and first impressions of our products and answer any queries you may have. See you there!

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