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The Swifty Podcast #26 – The World of Product Design With Peter Marigold

The Swifty Podcast #26 – The World of Product Design With Peter Marigold

The Swifty Podcast #26 – The World of Product Design With Peter Marigold

For episode #26, Jason sits down with old acquaintance and fellow Royal College of Art graduate, the London-based multidisciplinary designer Peter Marigold.

Peter has plied his trade across a number of innovative and thought-provoking projects for high-profile clients such as Sony, Paul Smith and Fendi, as well as having his work at New York’s MoMA, Victoria & Albert Museum and the Design Museum in London.

Having earned his B.A. in Fine Art and Sculpture from Central St. Martins in London in 1997, Peter went on to do an M.A. in Design Products at the aforementioned Royal College of Art in 2006.

Jason and Peter discuss a whole manner of topics around the concepts and implementation of product designer.

Things certainly get a little tangential during the episode, but it’s all the better for it. A fascinating and animated chat. Enjoy.

Peter has his own website and can also be found on Instagram

00.00 – Intro
01.20 – Jason asks what sparked Peter’s idea of becoming a product designer at a very early age
04.20 – Talk turns to the AI researcher Lex Fridman’s podcast and what drives product design
08.59 – Jason and Peter reminisce about their time at the Royal College of Art
17.53 – Peter talks about the development of ‘Earth 2’ in the Metaverse
21.03 - The two chat about consumers needs to still have physical and tangible products, like Swifty Scooters
24.41 - Peter touches upon the rigorous high quality of Japanese products
28.00 - Peter discussing his various projects, including FORMcard - the pocket-sized meltable bio-plastic material he devised as a means of quickly fixing and modifying everyday objects
40.08 – Jason asks Peter about the installation of his project in Edinburgh for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children
46.08 – Jason talks about the decision-making process around product design
51.01 – The two look at the evolution of kid’s construction systems, such as Meccano and Lego
57.04 – Peter mentions the current projects he’s working on
01.02.11 – Jason chats about his interest in the manufacturing process
01.04.49 – Peter talks about art minimalism theory in regards to seeing an object for its simplicity and straightforwardness
01.14.20 – Jason and Peter mention well-known figures in the design world
01.22.10 – Talk ends with the advancements of product design in films

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