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Best Adult Electric Scooter – Swifty’s Big Wheel E-Scooters

Best Adult Electric Scooter – Swifty’s Big Wheel E-Scooters

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The future is electric. Everywhere you look you can see the electrification of the world around us and one of the main ways it's going to have an effect on our life is transport. Micromobility is a sector that is always thinking ahead and looking for new ways to make people's lives easier and keep us connected. It's clear that e-scooters are an effective way of doing exactly that and as a result are being adopted the world over as a top way to get around safely.

We prototyped our very first adult electric scooter 7 years ago and have spent the past couple of years working on a new kit that is suitable for the needs of everyone today. As a result we are proud to introduce our new range of premium big wheel e-scooters!

NOTE: Riding a privately owned electric anywhere other than private land is illegal in the UK currently. You can find more info on the state of UK e-scooter legality HERE.

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Kick electric scooters? It sounds like a contradiction that a scooter can be both but that’s exactly what we’ve achieved with our electric scooter range. Our 250W brushless hub motor means your scooter can either be powered by the 36V lithium-ion battery up to a max speed of 15.5 mph or can be used as a regular kick scooter!

This means you can get the best of both scooting worlds as you head out on a Swifty e-scooter. Start your journey getting the benefits of active travel, getting your blood pumping and warming yourself up until your leg starts getting tired. Then easily switch to using the electric motor and cruise along with electric power until you’re ready to kick again.

Being able to freely swap between the two opens a world of opportunities for your journey. Whether you’re looking to use kick power to wake yourself up a bit when you start your journey, or need some electric power to give yourself a boost up a steep hill, seamlessly swapping between the different options makes for the most fun possible on your journey!

Our e-kit alone has a range of roughly 25 miles / 40 km at full throttle which is more than enough for most journeys. However, when you add some kicking to the mix you can double that range!

Just because the electrification of scooters is becoming commonplace doesn’t mean there's not space for active travel!

The benefits of active travel can’t be understated. It has always been of great importance to us at Swifty so even with our e-scooters we want active travel to be just as integral as electric power. We have experienced first-hand the benefits scooting can bring your health and heard plenty of stories from our customers of how our adult kick scooters have helped get them active and moving where otherwise they might not be able to. Moving into a world of electrified transport we hope with our innovative e-scooter motor we can help keep active travel equally on the map!

'The freedom my scooter has given me to get out and about is mammoth' Learn more about how our kick scooters have helped customers with their injury rehab 

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Looking to stop relying on the car, or don’t fancy getting the bus to work anymore? Commuting is one of the main reasons people turn to scooters and with our foldable electric scooter, it’s never been easier!

SwiftyONE-e will change your journey. The addition of electric power means commutes that would otherwise rely on a car or public transport are now reachable without! As mentioned, with a range of 25 miles on our battery as well as the ability to extend that by mixing in active travel to your commute you can broaden your horizons without needing to splash out on a taxi.

With a full charge time of 6 hours on the battery, you can easily top it up during your working day to make sure you have enough power to see you come comfortably, no more range anxiety! The battery can be charged either on or off the scooter so you can store it safely elsewhere and still top up your charge with ease.

Park & Ride re-designed. We explore how Electric Vehicles and scooters are defining the future of urban mobility 

Even if your commute is still a bit too far to go purely on your scooter SwiftyONE-e still has all the foldability benefits of the SwiftyONE meaning you can easily take it onto public transport.

SwiftyONE-e may be our urban model that was made with commuting in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t commute on any of our other adult kick or electric scooters! All are suitable to be used to transform your commute and get your safety to and from work.

All our e-scooters come with front and rear lights as well as side reflectors on the tyre wall to make sure you can always see and be seen on those dark winter commutes.

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Adult riders deserve proper wheels. All our models come with 16-inch (305 mm) wheel sets meaning you’re ready to handle whatever the path ahead throws at you. Our e-scooters big wheels and high-pressure tyres give a fantastically smooth ride across mixed terrain and in any weather. You can appreciate the Swifty glide even more with both feet on the footplate!

The smooth ride can this be appreciated when riding any e-scooter from Swifty.  For example the fixed frame of the SwiftyAIR-e plus the all-terrain tyre on the 16-inch pneumatic wheels evens out bumps in the road, leaving you to enjoy the smooth ride.

SwiftyAIR-e like the rest of our adult electric scooters has a top speed of 15.5mph (25kph) meaning you can travel at a comfortable speed and get to your destination in good time. With the grip twist throttle, you have complete control of your speed and with different speed modes you can choose through the screen you can fine-tune how fast you're travelling to your preference.

Whether you need the power of the 36v lithium-ion battery to get yourself up a hilly path or just to give your legs a bit of a rest it can help with both!

Our electric scooters come with the same brakes as our kick models so SwiftyAIR-e has front and rear Tektro v-brakes as standard. This means as well as being in perfect control of your speed you can stop comfortably and safely.

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Due to the tried and tested frame of the Swifty, and the longer wheel base, and comfortable geometry, all electric scooters in the Swifty range and a great choice for tall or heavy adult riders. The robust frame, plus the high spec wheels and components means that riders up to 150kgs (330lbs) and 6’5’’ (195cm) can ride comfortably and confidently.

It can be challenging for heavier adults to find an electric scooter that can accommodate them and that they can ride without worry. We have put years of work into the design geometry of our electric scooters for heavy adults so they’re designed for adult riders of all shapes and sizes. You can feel the benefits of the design time that has gone into our scooters from the first ride you'll understand the benefits of a scooter that is strong, reliable and built to last.

Looking for some off road scooter adventures? Learn more about our off road kick scooter suitable for all trails, jumps and tricks!

SwiftyAIR-e is our scooter with the most rugged setup and is built to tackle the toughest road conditions. The scooter boasts a wider dirt tread as well as high-performance GMD tyres that are ready to tackle the harshest terrain.

The heat-treated T6 aluminium 6061 and steel front forks have proven their strength and are going to get you from A to B whatever road conditions you face getting there. The AIR-e gives you the perfect combination of comfort, speed and stability that you can only dream of feeling on another e-scooter.

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Just as heavier adults can have trouble finding a scooter to accommodate them the same can be said for the tall riders among us! The beauty of turning to scooters as a way of travelling is that it allows you to stand tall, open your shoulders and break out of the hunching posture a lot of transport and work life has us in.

All our electric scooter models have a ‘Tall’ option allowing riders up to 6’5’’ to ride in comfort. Regular scooter models are suitable for riders up to 6’1’’. If you’re just on the cusp of 6’2’’ and not sure if you want to go for the TALL option, you can always buy the regular and purchase a handlebar riser at a later date. We have riser bars for all our e-scooter models so if you’re looking for a bit of extra height down the line you can always convert it yourself easily!

 Learn more about our scooters suitable for taller and heavier rider in our interview with Olympic Bobsledder Toby Olubi

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Already got a Swifty Scooter you’re looking to turn into a Swifty-electric? We can convert your SwiftyONE MK3, SwiftyAIR MK2 or SwiftyZERO MK2 to an electric scooter with our conversion service.

Simply send your scooter to us and we’ll fit your existing scooter with brand our new 250W brushless hub motor, 36V lithium-ion battery with a grip-twist throttle, LCD display and super comfy shaped grips! 

You can learn more about this HERE.

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