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Best Adult Off Road Dirt Scooter – SwiftyAIR Reviewed

Best Adult Off Road Dirt Scooter – SwiftyAIR Reviewed

The SwiftyAIR, the adult off road scooter from British brand Swifty Scooters, is the perfect high-quality scooter for off-road terrain, jumps and trail riding. The BMX-like features allow you to really push this off road scooter to the limit. Swing the SwiftyAIR over your shoulder, climb the nearest mountain and make a deal with gravity on the way down. Escape the city and let the adventure begin...

Escape the city with the best adult off road scooter, the SwiftyAIR

“They’re seriously fun and easy to ride. I like the low impact, but full body movement of scooting. I don’t like gyms, so getting out on the scooters was great fun while we were waiting around for our event days.”

- Billy Morgan, professional snowboarder and Olympic medallist Team GB, during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Read more about the SwiftyAIR fleet at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang in the journal.

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Light, Strong and Fast

The heat-treated T6 aluminium 6061 frame combined with steel front forks, provides the perfect combination of lightness and strength. The SwiftyAIR all terrain scooter is light enough to carry at 8.9kg, while the 150kg load rating proves the strength and build quality. The 16-inch wheelsets, in particular, are ready to withstand riding at speed, featuring 36 spoke double wall rims, quality alloy hubs with sealed cartridge bearings and 1.95" x 16" high-pressure all-terrain tyres. 

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“SwiftyAIR is my go to injection of adrenaline, flying down a mountain trail is amazing, exhilarating and addictive! I've always loved skiing, but I can use the SwiftyAIR any time of year - it's a very similar feeling, letting gravity take you down.”
– Jason Iftakhar, Swifty Scooters founder.


Large Wheels and Strong Wheelsets

The SwiftyAIR adult off-road scooter comes with 16-inch pneumatic wheels that are built for fast all-terrain riding. The pneumatic wheels offer a smooth ride wherever you decide to ride. With 36 spokes, alloy hubs and sealed cartridge bearings, the wheelsets are strong and therefore suitable for rough terrain.

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All Terrain Scooter for Adults

Be prepared for any adventure with SwiftyAIR, all terrain, adult scooter. The SwiftyAIR has been ridden down mountains, over gravel and grass and in all types of weather conditions. The pneumatic GMD 1.95” inch wide off-road tyres help to keep your ride smooth over rough terrain, and can also be pumped up to 100psi for urban terrain. The excellent front and rear Tektro V-brakes provide safety and control. 

Read more about SwiftyAIR’s descent down Glen Coe.
Watch the SwiftyAIR adult off road scooter on Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales, UK in Swifty First Descents:

"After having tried many types of all-terrain adult scooters, SwiftyAIR is my favourite. The build quality is superb and the design is perfect. It doesn't over flex or rattle. If you are looking for a no-nonsense, tough and capable all-terrain scooter, then do yourself a favour and get the SwiftyAIR."


Adult Off-Road Scooter Fleet at Dirt Factory

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Indoor bike park, Manchester's Dirt Factory has a fleet of SwiftyAIRs that can be hired out alongside their fleet of mountain bikes. Dirt Factory is the UK’s first indoor bike park, where people can ride on real dirt for the best indoor riding experience. Dirt Factory is the first to create indoor MTB and dirt-scooter trails in the UK, making trail riding more accessible to people living in the city centre. The off-road dirt scooters from Swifty provide a completely unique experience - for more info visit

"For rocky downhill terrain, I dropped the tyre pressure down to 20psi which gives the suspension I needed."
- Jason Iftakhar, Swifty Scooters founder.

Off-Road Scooters Suitable for Taller Riders

These all-terrain adult scooters are suitable for riders up to 6’1’’ but if you’re looking for a taller scooter then don’t fear! Be sure to read the specifications on each of our SwiftyAIR products for precise dimensions and scooter specifications. SwiftyAIR TALL is our model for taller riders and is suitable for riders up to 6’5’’. Stand tall and feel comfortable as you take on trails and rough terrain. 

When you’re facing a downhill trail or a particularly rugged patch on your ride you want to make sure you’re in the ideal position to traverse it. Giving yourself this extra bit of height and comfort while riding gives you so much more control of your scooter to know you can tackle it safely and confidently.

If you’re looking to add a bit of extra height to your SwiftyAIR you can purchase a handlebar riser and swap handlebars over. There are two options of riser that can give an extra 35mm or 75mm of height to your regular AIR’s handlebars!

Convinced yet? Get your own adult off-road scooter here.


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