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How to Book a conversion

1. Purchase the conversion online

2. We will contact you to arrange the following -

Collection of your scooter, conversion, and redelivery. Please see the below delivery options as a guide. Additional charges may apply.

3. Getting your scooter to us

a) Drop your scooter off to us in person (Manchester, UK)

b) Send us your scooter in its original box, we can book a collection with our courier (£20)

c) Select the "Yes" option in "Need shipping box", we will ship you the box, and we can book a collection with our courier (£20)

4. Your Conversion

Once your scooter arrives, our engineers will assess and prepare your scooter to be converted. If your scooter requires any modifications or parts that need to be replaced we will notify you. Only MK3 SwiftyONE and MK2 AIR and ZERO's can be converted.

5. Delivery

DHL Parcel UK - £20 


Please clean your scooter before sending it to us! If you think it needs a service, please purchase a Fix and Repair service here


foldable electric scooter with big wheels, electric scooter big wheels, electric scooter adult, e-scooter



Perfect for commuting, SwiftyAIR-e is more than just for the “last mile”. The long-range (25 miles / 40 km) is aided by the kick-assist design to dispel any ‘range anxiety’ during your commute. You can ride using the throttle only and add human power when needed!


foldable electric scooter with big wheels, electric scooter big wheels, electric scooter adult, e-scooter



The compact-sized 36V battery can be charged on or off the scooter, and comes with a compact charger making it easy to charge on the go. A full charge takes up to 6 hours and has a range of 25 miles / 40 km (based on a 75 kg rider in flat and smooth conditions).


foldable electric scooter with big wheels, electric scooter big wheels, electric scooter adult, e-scooter



With safety in mind, the SwiftyONE-e comes with front and rear lights; front, rear and side reflectors (tyre wall); and a stylish brass dome Swifty bell! We strongly recommend riders wear a helmet, and high-vis and reflective clothing at night.