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Meet Russ, guest Swifty blogger, London adventure seeker

Russell Smith Swifty Scooters

"The SwiftyONE helps keep my adventure urges at bay during the week, zipping through traffic and past cyclist at lights. Its changed my commute immensely, it always brings a smile to those who stare, at first with confusion and then with excitement. With no locking up needed just fold and slide it under my desk, its perfect around London for short commutes, I'm looking forward to trying it over a much longer distance... "

Russell Smith was the first person to complete Lands End to John O' Groats on a kick scooter. 975 miles in 21 days in August 2015

read more here BritishAdventurer.com






Meet Charlotte, Ice-Cool Olympian speed skater, scoot-commuter


"It's a must have for city living; being able to beat the traffic whilst still enjoying the safety of the pavement. Plus look how "Ice-cool" they are! I'm totally converted! Swifty makes my commutes so much more fun."

Charlotte Gilmartin is a professional athlete and is a Team GB Short Track Speed Skater. We're rooting for her for the 2018 Winter Olympics!


Instagram @cpgilmartin







Meet Kirstie, working mum who's occasionally on TV


Probably Swifty Scooters’ biggest fan, Kirstie Allsopp is regularly spotted scooting around Nottinghill, London on her black and red SwiftyONE, which also featured in the opening credits of her Channel 4 TV series Location Location Location - read more on our blog!

Follow Kirstie on twitter @KirstieMAllsopp











Meet Dave, the adventurer!

Dave_Cornthwaite_Swifty "I'm addicted to trying out every different form of non-motorised transport that I can, and when the chance to ride a SwiftyONE came along I took it gleefully. I'm a convert. It's fast, stable and fun, and the folding process is fast and easy and makes the SwiftyONE a perfect commuting machine. And there's something about a Swifty scooter that turns people's heads. When that happens, you know you're onto something. Here's to more adventures!"

Dave Cornthwaite rides his silver SwiftyONE in London, and is an avid endurance adventurer, author and motivational speaker www.davecornthwaite.com.








Meet Paul, the company director and daily commuter!

Paul Walker Swifty "Swifty has changed my life! I love this thing, it saves me 30 minutes every day - I just can’t live without it now.” 

Paul rides his SwiftyONE on his daily commute via tram in Manchester. Paul runs a leading art and craft shop www.fredaldous.co.uk.







Meet Leon, the SwiftyAIR team rider!

Leon_Coleman_SwiftyAIR “I BMX and scoot, SwiftyAIR is a new challenge. I landed the first ever back flip, front flip and flair on SwiftyAIR at Scootfest 2014."

Click to see Leon Coleman on SwiftyAIR!








Meet Laurent and Delphine discovering urban culture in Paris!

Laurent et Delphine Swifty Trotinette

"Fans de culture urbaine, nous avons cherché quel était le meilleur moyen d’explorer Paris sans la contrainte des transports en commun. Nous avons donc choisi deux Swifty Scooters, nous adorons leur design ; sportif pour la SwiftyAIR et citadin pour la SwiftyZERO. Nous aimons surtout les sensations de glisse, la liberté et le fun qu’elles nous procurent."

"Fans of urban culture, we have been looking for the best way to explore Paris without the disadvantages of the means of transport. So we have chosen two Swifty Scooters, we love their design; sporty for the SwiftyAIR, and city for the SwiftyZERO. Most of all we love the feelings of gliding, freedom and fun."

See Laurent and Delphine ride SwiftyAIR and SwiftyZERO in Paris!