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Customers ordering from outside the European Union will receive a 20% VAT discount on their order. This is applied at checkout once you have given your delivery details.

1. How do I choose a scooter suitable for me online?

It's important to consider practicality, comfort and value, as these things affect how enjoyable your scooter experience will be.

Practicality: Look for safety recommendations regarding rider weight and height. Decide whether you need your scooter to fold in order to store it or to take it onto public transport. Check that the wheels are suitable for the terrain on your journey. Larger tyres with pneumatic tyres are best to handle the mixed terrain and mixed conditions.

Comfort: Look for a handlebar height that allows you to stand upright, the handlebars should be about level with your hip bone when standing on the footplate. Our scooters have a geometry that is comfortable and upright.

Value: A scooter that is well built will last you 1000s of miles of scootering and delivers value over time.

2. Why do you only offer wheels with pneumatic tyres?

A quality scooter is a credible way to get around fast. Adult riders deserve proper wheels that are smooth to ride, and kids do too. A good quality tyre will grip in the wet and glide over uneven pavements.

3. Deck height – what’s the science behind it?

Swifty Scooters are designed for the urban mixed terrain. We like to ride with a bit more ground clearance than a road racing scooter, as having 70mm of space between the ground and the frame is the sweet spot to allow riding over any lumps and bumps, on and off curbs, and up and down steps without bottoming out and scratching up your beautiful frame. Due to our large 16" wheels and low rolling resistance, you don't have to kick all the time, and can often cruise with both feet on the footplate, allowing your legs to rest. These are the deck height and ground clearance measurements.

Deck height- 110mm (4 1/4")
Width- 160mm (6 1/4")
Length- 440mm (17 1/4")
Ground clearance- 65mm (2 1/2")

Deck height- 110mm (4 1/4")
Width- 140mm (5 1/2")
Length- 390mm (15 1/4")
Ground clearance- 65mm (2 1/2")

Deck height- 115mm (4 1/2")
Width- 140mm (5 1/2")
Length- 390mm (15 1/4")
Ground clearance- 75mm (3")

Deck height- 80mm (3 1/2")
Width- 160mm (6 1/4")
Length- 320mm (12 1/2")
Ground clearance- 65mm (2 1/2")

4. What is the maximum weight limit for your adult scooters?

Our adult scooters are tested to BS EN 14619:2015 with a max load of 150kg (330lbs).

5. I am over 6 ft tall, which scooter is suitable for me?

For our taller than average customer, we offer a simple solution to raise the handlebar height for riders up to 6'5" tall. For SwiftyONE (foldable scooter) and SwiftyZERO (lightweight scooter), you can fit a riser handlebar which gives an additional 14cm of height. For more info, please visit our blog about SwiftyONE Tall.

6. Will my scooter arrive fully assembled?

If you order online, SwiftyONE comes fully assembled, SwiftyZERO and SwiftyAIR come 80% assembled with instructions and tools provided.

For full instructions and downloadable pdf, click assembly guides. If you have any trouble assembling your scooter, either ask at your local bike shop or call us for any assistance +44 (0)161 848 8695

If you make a purchase in person at one of our stockists, they will assemble it for you.

7. How do I lock up my scooter securely?

We recommend using a Hiplok-D which fits well around the frame tube. We love the clip feature to attach it to your bag or belt while scooting. View Hiplok in shop.

8. What should I do if I'm not 100% sure?

It always helps to actually see and get a feel of the product in person. Find a stockist near you where you can try one out by going to our stockists page. If you can't get to a stockist and decide to buy online, just remember to keep all original packaging until you're satisfied with your purchase. Please see our Returns and Refunds page for more about our 'no hassle' returns policy.

1. How do I scoot?

Just step on to the footplate and kick with the other leg, remember to alternate your kicking leg by swapping legs while scooting in order to get a balanced workout. Don’t forget there is room for both feet to stand while cruising!

2. How do I stop?

All scooters are fitted with front and rear brakes. In the event of an emergency stop, we recommend bending your knees, bracing your arms and using both brakes together.

3. How do I fold my SwiftyONE?

For full video instructions and downloadable pdf, see our Assembly Guides page.

Please call us if you have trouble and we can assist you over the phone +44 (0)161 848 8695

4. Should I wear a helmet?

Yes, helmets are cool anyway and could save your life. We highly recommend you wear a helmet at all times, particularly if you are likely to pick up speed.

5. Can I legally scoot on pavements, roads or cycle lanes?

Child and adult riders should stick to the pavement or find routes away from traffic like through parks or along canals. However, it is important to know that scooters do not have right of way. This means that you must ride your Swifty Scooter responsibly at all times and give way to pedestrians when sharing the pavement. We ask our customers to check their local legal requirements for kick scooters as legislation can vary from region to region. We do not recommend that you scoot on the road. The law regarding kick-scooters and the pavement in the UK remains unclear, to find out more visit our blog.

6. Will my scooter cope with all terrain?

All scooters have fairly large wheels pneumatic tyres, which can cope with uneven terrain, including gravel and grass and wet conditions. If you have tried scooting on a rough surface with a hard wheeled scooter, you will know that the shaking is quite tiring on your arms and legs. All of our scooters have pneumatic tyres as this makes for the most enjoyable ride! Our Kenda KWest tyres (1.5inch) are suitable for the mixed urban terrain. Our Maxxis tyres (1.75inch) for SwiftyAIR are chunkier and can handle rocks or dirt riding.

7. Can I take SwiftyONE on public transport?

Yes, even on the London underground. You may need to use a lightweight cover (particularly if scooting in the wet) on the tram or train. However, sometimes it is up to the discretion of the driver of the train or bus. Please let us know if you encounter problems.

1. Is regular maintenance of my Swifty Scooter required?"

Scooters are easy to maintain but we recommend that you make a basic check before every ride. You will need a pump with a standard Schrader valve to check tyre pressure (see tyre wall for max psi), check the brakes are working, and check all quick release levers are fully closed and tightened. If in doubt please ask at your local bike shop for advice.

2. Will my Swifty Scooter rust?

Any parts that are aluminium or stainless steel won't rust. SwiftyONE, SwiftyAIR and SwiftyZERO have aluminium frames. (SwiftyAIR MK1 and SwiftyONE MK1 have steel frames) All scooters have steel front forks which are protected by paintwork. The steel components are zinc plated to help avoid corrosion, but if the paintwork becomes chipped and the steel is exposed, rusting can occur. SwiftyONE MARINE limited edition has upgraded parts (no steel) that withstand weather corrosion.

3. How should I clean my Swifty Scooter?

You can use soap and water and a non-abrasive sponge or plastic brush to wash your scooter. We recommend washing your scooter now and then to keep moving parts free from debris to keep it in best working order.

1. Where is it legal to ride an electric powered kick-scooter?

The law varies from region to region. Swity Electric is classed as a Personal Light Electric Vehicle (PLEV). Electric kick-scooters designed for urban mobility is a new innovation we expect legislation to be updated soon.

For more information please read our blog, Electric Scooters: What's legal?

2. What safety standards does the Swifty Electric adhere to?

The adult scooters are tested to BS EN 14619:2015 (for roller sports equipment, kick-scooters) with a max load of 150kg. The electric kit is tested to BS EN 15194 (for electric power-assisted cycles).

3. Are there restrictions for shipping the battery? Can I take my battery on a plane?

Yes, the battery must be delivered by road (UK only) as the Lithium Ion battery is classed as 'dangerous goods'. If you live outside the UK, we can not ship the e-scooters to you at the moment. email: info@swiftyscooters.com

The 4Ah battery is 144W/H and can be taken on passenger planes. Batteries over 160W/H are classed as dangerous goods and are not allowed on passenger planes. Our battery is within the limit but we recommend checking with the airline as you may need to arrange approval in advance.

4. Does the electric motor conversion affect my Swifty warranty?

No, we still warrant the scooter for 2 years. The electric kit also comes with a separate 1-year warranty.

5. Does the electric motor affect the foldability of SwiftyONE?

No. SwiftyONE-e folds fully.

6. Are the components in the electric kit waterproof?

All the electric parts are sealed and rated to IP65, which means they are safe to be used in the rain.

7. Can I buy the conversion kit without the battery?

Yes. Please contact us directly.

Email: support@swiftyscooters.com or Tel: +44 (0)161 848 8695

8. How do I convert my Swifty into an electric Swifty?

Send your Swifty to us for an electric ‘kick-assist’ conversion and we’ll fit your existing scooter with our new 250W brushless hub motor, 36V lithium-ion battery with a grip-twist throttle, LCD display and super comfy shaped grips.

For details go to the Swify Electric Conversion page.

9. How do I cut (turn off) the motor while scooting?

Release the throttle (as it is spring loaded, it will automatically turn off) before applying both brakes to stop.

10. I live outside the UK, can I buy an electric scooter or kit?

Unfortunately, we can not ship overseas at the moment.