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Premium Adult Kick Scooters by Swifty

Swifty offer a premium quality British designed kick scooters, inspiring an adventurous spirit in your daily commute. Faster and more fun than walking, and safer than cycling - just step on and go anywhere! Designed and engineered in Manchester UK. Creators of the urban adventure kick scooter, perfect for commuting.

DEVELOP3D - “Its design is easy on the eye, solid underfoot, and so incredibly nimble it takes you by surprise.”

GQ Magazine - “when traffic is glacial, trains overloaded and exercise time at a premium, Swifty are an appealing alternative for city commuters.”

Riding the most beautiful and innovative adult scooters from Swifty is a new experience, it’s a fun and free way of moving around the city. 

Feel the quality under foot of our lightweight and strong frame design, and travel over mixed terrain with our big 16 inch wheels with pneumatic high pressure tyres.

Swifty Scooters is an independent family business dedicated to good design, health and happiness!