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Swifty Scooters founder Jason and Camilla


Founded in 2010 by design duo Jason and Camilla Iftakhar, Swifty Scooters produces alternative sports products with a mission to bring fun and adventure to urban life.

Their story began in London when Jason Iftakhar designed the world's first premium foldable adult kick-scooter, SwiftyONE MK1. They used the early prototypes to navigate the streets of London, and quickly discovered the freedom and versatility of commuting with this two-wheeled foldable dream machine.


Camilla and Jason began to manufacture and assemble SwiftyONE in their Manchester workshop and launched to critical acclaim at London Design Week in 2011 while bootstrapping their start-up through their design consultancy. In 2012 high profile collaborations with The Conran Shop and Paul Smith propelled the company into supplying products to hundreds of customers around the world in the first year. The early success was a testament to the quality and ingenuity of this fun and innovative product.


Over the next few years, Swifty Scooters grew from a commuter focused company to a scooter lifestyle brand, with adventure and fitness scooters added to the offering. The couple began working with manufacturing partners in Taiwan, freeing Jason up to be with their young family, and allowing more time to ride. 

Now with thousands of scooters clocking up millions of miles, the Swifty community continued to push the boundaries of what scooters were capable of. From the first scooter descent of Mount Snowdon to the long-distance 1000 miles around Japan. Swifty had laid the foundations of a true alternative sports brand. Ride and Roll!


From astounding to heartwarming, stories of life transformations began trickling in. From the amputees who could finally push the wheelchair aside to the customers tackling obesity. From the seniors who could finally get out and about to the families who needed to save time. The high-quality kick-scooters really were giving all sorts of people freedom to move.


With a mission to inspire healthier journeys, Swifty inspires many people to swap short car journeys with this infinitely more fun and sustainable mode. In 2017 the Swifty-electric range was also added into the mix, the signature 16” wheels and elegant design, providing a smooth and stable ride, unlike any other scooter on the market.


From 2020, Swifty had to manage a severely disrupted supply chain caused by Covid and Brexit. While the scooters were in high demand, the stock levels were low. So Jason and Camilla began to do what they knew best and began making again. Swifty Fitness was born! With the undeniable Swifty flavour, the beautifully made balance boards and at-home fitness equipment launched in time for Christmas 2020.


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