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Swifty Scooters Our Story

a leading British scooter manufacturer based in Manchester UK. 

Swifty has built a legacy of innovation in the adult-scooter market since 2010. Swifty is known for producing scooters with an elegant and uniquely foldable design, high build quality, and most importantly an unbeatable quality of ride!

With transport being the largest contributor to harmful emissions, and two-thirds of car journeys being less than 5 miles long, Swifty offers a clean, accessible and fun solution for short-distance travel.

Swifty Scooters Missions Light Electric Scooter


to accelerate the transition to light-electric and active travel.

The potential for the humble but ultra-convenient scooter to help decarbonise our lifestyles is HUGE.” Co-founder Camilla Iftakhar







These four pillars govern everything we do.

Swifty Scooters Brand Values

Swifty Scooters Founders Camilla Jason IftakharMEET THE FOUNDERS

Swifty was founded in 2010 by Jason and Camilla Iftakhar in Manchester UK.

Their story began when Jason Iftakhar designed and built the world's first premium foldable adult kick-scooter, SwiftyONE MK1. They used the early prototypes to navigate the streets of London, and quickly discovered the freedom and versatility of commuting with this two-wheeled foldable dream machine.

The couple has built a legacy of innovation in scooter design and Swifty is at the forefront of the UK’s micromobility industry. Swifty won Best Start-Up 2023 at Micromobility Industries summit in San Francisco, find out more in the Journal.

“Our scooters are designed to provide the ultimate ride. In order to have the most fun on a scooter, handling, stability and safety are paramount. 

“We design scooters without compromise. Swifty’s defining feature of the 16-inch spoked wheels provides the sweet spot between a smooth, flowy ride and compact foldability.” Co-founder Jason Iftakhar


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