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Meet Charlotte Gilmartin,

Ice-Cool Olympian speed skater, scoot-commuter

“It’s a must have for city living; being able to beat the traffic whilst still enjoying the safety of the pavement. Plus look how “Ice-cool” they are! I’m totally converted! Swifty makes my commutes so much more fun.”

Charlotte Gilmartin is a professional athlete and is a Team GB Short Track Speed Skater. We’re rooting for her for the 2018 Winter Olympics!

Instagram @cpgilmartin

Meet Axel Brown,

British Bobsleigh Brakeman - Scooter Speedster!

Axel Brown is a Team GB Bobsleigh Athlete, and is used to handling high speeds on the ice. He hopes to set a new record for the fastest speed on a push scooter, whilst also trying to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics. See his progress on our youtube channel, or follow him on instagram @axelthesledder

“Sport for me has always been about trying to be the best. Not just on my team, but in the world. So, when finding a scooter to scoot faster than anyone has ever before, for me, Swifty is the only option that makes sense.”

Meet Jon Gildea,

British Para-Cycling Track World Champ

Jon Glidea is a Para-Cycling Double World Champ, having won the C5 4km individual pursuit & scratch race at the 2017 World Championships in LA.

The newest addition to the Swifty ambassador team, Jon, a mountain biker at heart, suffered serious leg injury in 2012 in a MTB accident. Leaving his left foot with nerve damage, Jon became eligible for para-cycling events and now competes as part of the British Cycling Para-Cycling team working towards Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. Struggling with longer walks, he takes his scooter SwiftyAIR when walking the dogs and out with his family, and often takes the opportunity to hit the trails riding SwiftyAIR.

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Meet Dave Cornthwaite,

The Adventurer!

“I’m addicted to trying out every different form of non-motorised transport that I can, and when the chance to ride a SwiftyONE came along I took it gleefully. I’m a convert. It’s fast, stable and fun, and the folding process is fast and easy and makes the SwiftyONE a perfect commuting machine. And there’s something about a Swifty scooter that turns people’s heads.

When that happens, you know you’re onto something. Here’s to more adventures!” Dave Cornthwaite rides his silver SwiftyONE in London, and is an avid endurance adventurer, author and motivational speaker.

Meet Russell Smith,

Guest Swifty blogger, London adventure seeker

“The SwiftyONE helps keep my adventure urges at bay during the week, zipping through traffic and past cyclist at lights. Its changed my commute immensely, it always brings a smile to those who stare, at first with confusion and then with excitement. With no locking up needed just fold and slide it under my desk, its perfect around London for short commutes, I’m looking forward to trying it over a much longer distance… ”

Russell Smith was the first person to complete Lands End to John O’ Groats on a kick scooter. 975 miles in 21 days in August 2015

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