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SwiftyONE MARINE £849 (£708 EX VAT)



This SwiftyONE has upgraded parts to withstand exposure to the elements in a marine environment. The exceptional hand polished finish, together with blue anodised rims, is designed for optimum style. The new aluminium front fork reduces the weight of this Marine edition to 7.8kg without compromising on strength. It can also be folded and packed away into the SwiftyONE Protective Case for storage. 

Combining large 16 inch pneumatic wheels with innovative foldable design, SwiftyONE is fun an versatile. The improved geometry gives comfort and stability at higher speeds. The folding mechanism allows you to fold and unfold your scooter in less than 5 seconds, you can roll it on it's front wheel, and the slim profile (158mm) allows for storage in small spaces.

The folding mechanism of the MK3 is our best yet, simply lift the footplate, release the rear fork by pulling back a spring loaded pin and lift the rear wheel into the folded position - this rear fork mechanism is now complete with integrated bearings. The stem of the MK3 has a curved CNC machined slot to let you glide the handlebars to turn 90 degrees. Then fold the stem down to meet the footplate and secure with a strengthened aluminium toggle. 

This beautiful finish is hand polished aluminium with a clear coating, revealing the beauty of the material and construction.

Comes fully assembled and folded inside the box.



  • Our lightest fully foldable scooter, only 7.8kg (17lbs)
  • Strong and durable. Max Load 150kg
  • Front V-brake and rear pedal brake
  • 16 inch (305mm) single wall rims, anodised blue with CNC side wall
  • High pressure Kenda KWEST tyres with reflective stripe Max 100 PSI
  • New geometry for a comfortable riding position
  • Foldable aluminium frame
  • Folds in less than 5 seconds
  • Can be rolled on it's front wheel when folded
  • Slim profile when folded (158mm) for easy carrying and storage
  • Adjustable handlebar height 820mm - 1000mm
  • Size when unfolded: L1360mm, W158mm (ex. handle bar width 520mm)
  • Size when folded: L1035mm, W158mm, H620mm
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Product Code: SWONE-PO-MRN
  • EAN Number: 7426771441041



Model SwiftyAIR MK2 SwiftyZERO MK2 SwiftyONE MK3  SwiftyONE Marine
Price £499 £439 £599  £849
All Terrain      
Speed  ✔
Leisure    ✔
Folding Frame      ✔
Fixed Frame    
Aluminium front forks        ✔
Aluminium Frame    ✔
Steel front forks  
Front and rear brakes  ✔
16inch wheels  ✔
Max handlebar height 1000mm 1000mm 1050mm  1050mm
Ground clearence 75mm 70mm 70mm  70mm
Gross weight 8.7kgs 8.2kgs 8.3kgs  7.8kg
Max Load 150kgs 150kgs 150kg  150kg
Footplate height 115mm 110mm 110mm 110mm
Footplate width 137mm 137mm 168mm 168mm
Footplate length 395mm 395mm 400mm  400mm