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What is a Stand-On Moped Electric Scooter?

What is a Stand-On Moped?

What is a Stand-On Moped?

To put it simply, a Stand-On Moped is an electric scooter that is SO GOOD, it passes motorcycle vehicle standards! It is also faster than a regular electric scooter, and is approved for UK roads by the DVSA.

What is a Stand-On Moped Electric Scooter?

A Stand-On Moped is a moped with a seating capacity of 0. It is UK-approved by the DVSA via the Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval (MSVA) within L1e-B <28mph moped bracket. The MSVA is a system used for imported or custom built motorcycles and is regularly used for low-volume, or niche motorcycle manufacturers where vehicles can be approved for UK roads in small batches.

Is a Stand-On Moped UK road legal?

The Swifty GO GT500 Stand-On Moped is the first and only electric scooter to be approved by the DVSA for use on the road in the UK. This means that riders must follow all the road rules and regulations of a regular seated moped including vehicle registration, motor insurance and wearing a motorcycle helmet.


Who invented the Stand-On Moped?

The Stand-On Moped was pioneered by British Manufacturer Swifty Scooters. Dedicated to high quality manufacturing, the electric scooter manufacturer released the first ever Stand-On Moped, the Swifty GO GT500 on 28th March 2024, marking a pivotal moment in British transportation history.


What are the rider requirements for a Stand-On Moped?

Riders will need to follow rules of the road that are governed by the Highway Code, and includes wearing a motorcycle helmet. Riders must have motor insurance, ride with a number plate and have their V5C log book. Riders must register for road tax (VED) but the tax is £0. There may be requirements which are determined by the insurance policy, for example a CBT test (moped test) certificate.

What are the rider restrictions for a Stand-On Moped?

Rider restrictions align with that of a moped, so you will not be permitted to ride on a cycle lane or cycle track. However, with many inner city roads being speed restricted to 20mph, you will be able to keep up with traffic and can often filter past standing traffic. If you live in a town without cycle infrastructure, you may find the extra speed ideal.
There may be restrictions which are governed by the insurance policy for example for ages 21-70 yrs only.

Why choose a Stand-On Moped?

A Stand-On Moped is essentially a high-quality 24mph electric scooter which has passed the stringent moped vehicle safety standards. It is ideal for those who do not have cycle infrastructure, but want to make clean and convenient short-distance trips. 

FAST and EFFICIENT: You might want that extra bit of speed compared to an e-bike, particularly if you have no bike lanes on your route. Something electric to save the effort of pedalling! Enjoy low cost trips at £0.006 per mile, that’s roughly £1- £2 per week for your commute.

LIGHT AND CONVENIENT: You might want a lighter vehicle compared to a regular moped, something that’s convenient to store and charge inside the home. You can even lift it into the car boot for weekend trips away!

AGILE and THRILLING: You might just really love the feeling of riding an electric scooter, and will happily swap short car journeys for this enjoyable, clean and efficient mode of transportation. It’s nimble and agile to ride, just a sensational way to travel.


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What are the key specifications of the GT500 Stand-On Moped?

The GT500 features dual-suspension, 16” pneumatic wheels, has a max speed of 24mph, 500w hub motor and is powered by 36V intrinsically safe LFP batteries. The GT500 has a range of 25 miles, weighs 34kg and conveniently folds down for efficient slim-line storage. The GT500 also features a horn, E marked indicators and lights, a mirror, a brake light, tyres with ECE-R75 certification, disk brakes, number plate and various other established motorcycle safety requirements.

The sister scooter to the GT500 is the simpler Swifty GO G500 - the 15.5mph electric scooter which is currently not permitted to ride on UK roads.


Stand-On Moped Electric Scooter

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