adult scooter, commuting scooter, folding scooter, scooter with big wheels


We are delighted to collaborate with Sir Paul Smith, producing a very special limited edition SwiftyONE.

adult scooter, foldable scooter, commuting scooter, scooter with big wheels


Just in time to speed you through to Christmas, Paul Smith’s collaboration with Swifty Scooters is available now. The brainchild of Royal College of Art graduates Camilla and Jason Iftakhar, Swifty Scooters has risen to success in the three years since the husband and wife duo first presented a prototype of their invention. Keeping the handmade, foldable form of the SwiftyONE range, Paul Smith’s limited edition customised model sees the fork of the scooter spotted with polka dots and patches of the body painted in shades of turquoise and green. Swiftly does it.

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