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Dave Cornthwaite Scoots Japan - 1000 mile solo scoot on Swifty!

Dave Cornthwaite Scoots Japan - 1000 mile solo scoot on Swifty!

We are very excited to announce that Swifty Scooters is part of Expedition1000, a series of 25 x 1000 mile journeys using non-motorised transport, the brainchild of the adventurer Dave Cornthwaite. Dave will be scooting his SwiftyZERO the length of JAPAN this November for the 12th journey in the series.

scoot japan, adult scooter with big wheels, long distance scooter, 1000  mile solo scoot

Dave Cornthwaite visits Swifty HQ to test his Swifty ZERO scooter in preparation for the 1000 mile trip

Who is Dave Cornthwaite?

A familiar figure within the UK adventure scene, Dave’s record-breaking Expedition1000 series uses human power to demonstrate human potential, motivate people to get outdoors and inspire people to be comfortable with being different. Dave’s passionate advocacy of adventure as personal development has contributed to hundreds of individuals redesigning their own lives and heading off on their own journeys, big and small. Find out more

adult fitness scooter for long distances

What is Expedition 1000?

Designed as a huge, ambitious chance to push limits, educate, explore and do some good stuff along the way. Expedition1000 is a truly global adventure with a total distance equivalent to the circumference of the Earth around the Equator. Dave hopes to raise £1,000,000 for charity and use creative adventure to inspire people to think big, stay healthy, test their limits and care about their own little corner of the planet.

scoot japan, adult scooter with big wheels for long distances, 1000 mile solo scoot dave cornthwaite

Expedition 1000: completed trips so far!

SwiftyZERO; the endurance adventure scooter of choice

Dave worked together with Jason to prepare his orange SwiftyZERO. Dave requested pannier racks to carry his equipment, as Dave has been recovering from a back injury, he didn’t want a heavy back-pack.

scoot japan, swifty scooters, customed backpack scooter for long distances, adult scooter big wheels

Jason Iftakhar and Dave Cornthwaite at SwiftyHQ

With equipment totalling about 7kg, they decided on one front pannier rack, fitted with a kickstand, and a slim rear rack. Designed and built by Jason Iftakhar from birch plywood and aluminium tubing, it was a great chance to spend some time on R+D! Mudguards and lights were also fitted.

adult scooter with big wheels, long distance scooter, custom kick scooter japan

SwiftyZERO endurance adventure scooter for Expedition1000 with front and rear pannier racks

adult scooter with big wheels, long distance scooter, scoot japan

Lights fitted to handlebars and rear pannier rack

adult scooter with big wheels, long distance scooter, uk adult scooter swifty

SwiftyZERO; high-pressure Kenda KWest tyres, front and rear V-brakes, mudguards and panniers.

#SCOOTJAPAN Dave Cornthwaite is about to embark on his epic journey

scoot japan on swiftyzero for long distances with dave cornthwaite

Dave Cornthwaite discovers Japan by kick-scooter!

The best way to follow Dave on his journey is on our facebook and twitter pages where we will be sharing Dave’s posts throughout November 2016.

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