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Best Folding Adult Scooters for Commuting – SwiftyONE reviewed

Best Folding Adult Scooters for Commuting – SwiftyONE reviewed

SwiftyONE folding adult scooter from British brand Swifty Scooters is a top-of-the-range adult-scooter. Having been described as the “Rolls-Royce” of scooters, it’s not just the Mancunian British heritage that warrants the comparison, it’s time to delve into the features, the design and the brand.

SwiftyONE is a premium quality folding adult scooter. A personal, light and human-powered two-wheeled vehicle that’s perfectly designed for urban use (this is the 21st century after all). This commuting scooter has a ride more akin to a bicycle, but with the added convenience of a scooter. It folds easily and has pneumatic wheels for that unbeatably smooth Swifty ride.

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Foldable Commuting Scooter for Adults, the SwiftyONE


This scooter is designed for adults. It’s well made, is actually adult-sized, with a long enough wheelbase and geometry to provide stability at speed. As we have come to expect from British brands, the quality is second to none and the style is elegant, yet modern. The commuting scooter, SwiftyONE is fast becoming a design classic. The real test, however, is in the ride, as looking good and feeling great makes for a top scoring scooter experience. 

Swifty is the only scooter brand making scooters that an adult can ride with any seriousness, it’s more than a credible adult scooter, the design is beautiful.” - Nick, SwiftyONE customer.

Large Pneumatic Wheels

The smooth Swifty ride is down to the comfortable geometry and long wheel-base, and of course the big wheels. SwiftyONE’s wheels are fairly large for a scooter at 16 inches but really small for a bike. Add the high-pressure pneumatic tyres, the Kenda KWest, and the SwiftyONE hits the sweet spot for wheel-sets in an adult scooter. Note the high spoke count and double-wall rims are also specified for adult load means that this scooter is rated to 150kg max load. They provide excellent roll per kick and smooth out the bumps on uneven terrain.

It gives you a really nice comfortable smooth rolling ride, you really don’t have to kick a whole lot, and you can really take advantage of any down-hills that you have because this thing will coast for an incredibly long time.” - Connor, NYCE Wheels.

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Folding Scooters = Versatile 

Considering the larger size of this scooter, it’s very light at only 8.3kg. This is due to the aluminium frame and of course the clever engineering. You’re able to fold your scooter, then to roll it on its front wheel, to then take it onto public transport or to fit it into a taxi. The folding adult scooter just fits seamlessly into everyday life.

“It’s a vehicle I use every day without worrying about what kit I need, or which route I have to take. Some days I scoot 5 miles to work along the pavement, other days, I scoot to the tram stop, fold it, then I can scoot to the school run too.” - Camilla, Swifty Scooters.

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Quality = Fun

A quality ride makes scooting more fun, it’s as simple as that. A smooth reliable and safe ride is so much more enjoyable knowing that it retains stability at different speeds and over rough terrain. A commuting scooter can make your ride to work much more fun. The more you enjoy using a product, the more often you use it. The more miles you scoot, the better value your purchase.

Folding Scooter for Tall Riders

The regular SwiftyONE model is suitable for riders up to 6’1’’ but if you’re over further over 6 foot we have the SwiftyONE TALL that can accommodate you! Our TALL model has all the benefits of the regular model while being more comfortable for riders up to 6’5’’!

The addition of the taller handlebar doesn’t affect the foldability of the scooter at all, it just allows you a bit more height so you can ride comfortably and stand tall as you explore the city!

If you’re looking for a bit of extra height on the SwiftyONE you have already then we have Handlebar Cross Risers that you can easily swap in place of the regular handlebars, giving you an extra 5.5’’ of height!

Convinced yet? You can get your own folding adult scooter here

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