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Jason Iftakhar of Swifty Scooters at Blab

Jason Iftakhar of Swifty Scooters at Blab

Blab is a meet-up for digital creatives, founded by Matt Booth and held on the first Thursday of every month in Manchester.

Blab 18 (7th April 2015) was ‘Meet the Makers’ night, with three guest speakers, invited to talk about the highs and lows of creating products and launching a brand. These were Jason Iftakhar from Swifty, Nick Hussey from Vulpine, and Chris Holden from Ajoto. For us it was a great way to meet fellow entrepreneurs, each with very different approaches and backgrounds.

Ajoto is a luxury pen brand, a brand that has created a poetic resonance to a small object that is often a throw away item. He has done this through the power of design, an incredible attention to detail, and a thorough and integral sourcing method. Ajoto pride themselves with sourcing expert craftsmen and hi-tech manufacturing in creating their product.

Vulpine is a cycling apparel company founded in 2012, offering quality apparel suited to the urban rider. Vulpine use understated styling and lux fabrics like merino, along with subtle detailing – demonstrating British urban cycling style for both men and women. Nick showed us how important it was to be yourself in creating the brand – his own passion for cycling, fun and style was demonstrated in the video and photographic content.

Jason’s talk was really well received by the audience – thanks for listening everyone! If you missed hearing Jason speak at Blab, take a look at the full video below…

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