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Swifty Fitness X Scramble Special Edition Balance Board and Double-ups

Swifty Fitness X Scramble Special Edition Balance Board and Double-ups

Swifty Fitness and Scramble have collaborated on a special edition Balance Board and series of Double-ups. These innovative balance and grip training aids will bring a new dimension to your workout and help you develop super powerful hands and rock steady feet.

You can grab your own Scramble Double-Ups and special edition Balance Board from Scramble's site or Swifty Fitness!


Collaborating with Scramble 

It’s great to be working with Scramble as we have a lot in common. We’re both British sports brands who share a passion for manufacturing innovative products that surprise and delight our amazing customers and communities. 

We also both have a keen vision in finding new and alternative ways that give our customers the edge when it comes to their chosen sport. That's why we are collaborating - our special edition Scramble Balance Board and Double-ups may just give you the competitive edge for your chosen sport or discipline. 

Looking at non-traditional ways to adapt your training is a great way to vary your fitness and find that missing ingredient in your workout.

We know this all too well from scooters, an often overlooked form of low impact exercise that offers all the cardio benefits of running without the high impact on your joints.

This is also in partly why we introduced the balance board to the Swifty Fitness brand. A fun way of training everyday that targets proprioception, balance and coordination. Three areas that we feel are overlooked and under exploited.

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Learn more about the similarities between balance boarding in our discussion with Factory BJJ

Strength and balance cross all sports and fitness disciplines. We feel you can’t have one without the other, so how can we focus on these to give us that extra performance or competitive edge?

Our scooters give a great rounded workout, they test your balance when switching legs, and improve cardiovascular endurance as you use your full body to push forward. Our balance boards are great at improving and testing your coordination and proprioception. The Double-up grip training aids develop powerful wrist and grip strength. 

So, what are double ups?

Double Ups 

Grip strength is a universal asset across all sports and fitness disciplines in general but something that can be tough to train outside of gyms, and is rarely looked at in isolation. Our double ups give you the opportunity to develop an iron grip that can be performed anywhere! Hang them from your home chin-up bar or even from a tree. 

Our double ups come in 3 different variations - Shorties pair, Tall single and Tall pair. Each package comes with karabiners and webbing straps so you can easily integrate it with existing gear you have. There is almost no end to the ways you can combine them to keep your training fresh and effective!

Double ups give a more rounded arm and grip workout because of how they connect to other equipment. Hanging from a strap means they’re never fixed in position, simulating a sort of ankle or wrist joint. This means even when just holding on to them your body is constantly making small adjustments to keep your grip.

The standard setup for the double ups is to hang them from a chin up bar and use them as alternative pull up grips. However, this is only the beginning! They can be hung horizontally, vertically, in a chain, or in any other combination you can think of.

If pull ups aren’t for you then you can still get the benefits by connecting them to resistance bands or load plates to test your grip strength in a different ways. Switching up your grip position as you use them with weights is a great way to test the different types of grip – crush grip (fingers and palm) support grip (hold on or hang from an object for an extended period of time) and pinch grip (tips of your four fingers and the thumb) – giving you a rounded workout.

All our double ups are handmade from oak in Manchester have a 50mm diameter and a natural oil finish, making them ideal for gripping.

Looking to improve your grip strength? We break down the best exercises to give you next level grip!

Special edition Scramble Balance Board

As we mentioned earlier with the double ups we’re focusing on strength, but strength and balance work hand in hand, so we can’t neglect balance with this collaboration! We’re happy to announce our brand new special edition Scramble balance board.

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This special edition balance board has a whole new unique design that provides solid grip while you’re on the board. It comes in classic black, and can be used with both our cork roller and wall bracket.

Balance boarding is an exercise that crosses the whole sport spectrum. It focuses on smaller functional movements that we do in both in sports and everyday life and puts them under the spotlight. Every time you hop on a balance board your experience is different, your body has to understand and adapt to gain balance in a new way.

The other key element balance boarding trains is our proprioception. Proprioception is the awareness of the position of body parts in relation to one another. It’s about understanding how our bodies move and react to situations – it’s the crucial factor for coordinated movement.

We have sensors all over our bodies that are constantly sending messages to our brain about the position we’re in. The more we engage these sensors the more we build an understanding of how our bodies can move. Regular movement and repetition is the key to training so gaining these benefits from a fun exercise like the balance board means there’s much more incentive to keep at it!

We can do all the strength work we can but it’s this coordinated understanding of how our body moves that works as the foundation of other movements. If we can master this and our understanding of movement then it puts us in good stead to achieve gains and utilise a competitive advantage in our chosen sport or competition.

Together with our double ups and our special edition balance board our collaboration with Scramble gives you the opportunity to have an effective workout from your fingertips to your toes!


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