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Swifty loves new bike lanes!

Swifty loves new bike lanes!

Manchester is not the best for cycling – the cycling infrastructure is somewhat lacking – BUT not for long! It’s Bike Week!

adult scooter, annual cycle event, swifty scooters and bikes, micro mobility

What’s known as the Oxford Road Corridor is part way through a revamp – including narrowing the road to make space for a ‘Dutch-style’ bike lane system, which means the bike lane is segregated from the path of the buses.

The Annual Cycle Event (ACE 2016) run by Corridor Manchester Travel and MMU is being held on the 15th June. With the vision to make 10% of all journeys made in Manchester to be by bike, this event is helping to promote the much-improved routes and to help those nervous cyclists back into the saddle – or scooter if you prefer!

These new bike lanes are just perfect for scooting – so come along and have a go on our Swifty Trick Track.

Wednesday 15th June 2016 –  8am-3pm

FREE RIDES! Local bike businesses, breakfasts, prizes and more!

Manchester Business School, MMU, Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6BG.

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There are also some guided cycle routes to work in the morning, which sounds pretty cool – check out ACE 2016 for more info.

It’s a free event – looking forward to seeing you there Manchester people!

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