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The Swifty Podcast Ep #11 - The Importance of Swifty Brand Values in the Scooter Design Process

This week Camilla and Jason talk all about design and what it means to them as co-founders of a design-led company.  They dissect the core values of the brand and how each one specifically informs not only the design process but every aspect of managing the business.

  • What design means to Swifty 02:26
  • Freedom. How scooting can bring freedom to your life 04:57 
  • Responsibility. The importance of doing the right thing 09:29 
  • Quality. How we make sure there is quality in every step of Swifty from design process to customer service 13:27 
  • The role of colour in Swifty design 19:16 
  • Innovation. Improving scooters design to always be better 21:44 
  • Swifty is off to Paris for Autonomy 2019! 26:32 
  • The Swifty Fleet for businesses, and how GreaterSport utilise theirs 27:38 
  • E-scooters in the UK 28:42
  • Our crowdfunding journey and future Swifty plans 31:24 
  • Future podcast guests 33:54

Find out the technicalities of how our scooters are made in Episode 5 of The Swifty Podcast, examining the manufacturing process.

To listen to other episodes head to the Podcast tab in our Journal, or check out the playlist on Youtube and Apple Podcasts

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