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The Swifty Podcast Ep #12 - What it Takes to Start and Grow a New Business with Matt Bird of The Shirt Society

The Swifty Podcast Ep #12 - What it Takes to Start and Grow a New Business with Matt Bird of The Shirt Society

Matt Bird joins Jason for our twelfth episode to discuss his journey from no fashion experience to starting his latest venture, a monthly premium shirt subscription service – The Shirt Society. Matt's goal with the company is to deliver ‘a quality shirt and a perk delivered to your door or desk every month’.

The discussion covers what it takes to start a new business and put it in a position to grow, as well as how Matt and Jason deal with some of the common day to day challenges that are faced when running their businesses.

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  • What is The Shirt Society? How did it come about? 00:55
  • How Matt and Jason originally met 05:00
  • Matt’s background and how he got involved in fashion from no experience 09:13
  • Dealing with comments online 18:38
  • The Shirt Society name and target audience explained 20:41
  • The importance of learning from your customers and how The Shirt Society will grow 24:43
  • How Matt is looking into recycling old clothes as well as cutting down plastic and unnecessary waste 31:37
  • Customer communication and the benefits it brings 38:02
  • Managing sales calls and publications 40:53
  • The time it took The Shirt Society to come to fruition and being realistic with goals 44:55
  • The role and increasing popularity of ‘influencers’ 51:18
  • Customer service and the benefits of being positive and nice 52:49 

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To learn more about The Shirt Society and Matt head to their Website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

To listen to other episodes head to the Podcast tab in our Journal, or check out the playlist on Youtube and Apple Podcasts

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