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The Swifty Podcast Ep #14 - Co-founder Catch-up: CES, Taipei Cycle Show, reducing CO2 and 2020 plans

The Swifty Podcast Ep #14 - Co-founder Catch-up: CES, Taipei Cycle Show, reducing CO2 and 2020 plans

Our co-founders are back together for the 14th episode of The Swifty Podcast to give you an update on all things Swifty! In this chat we want to catch everyone up with what’s been going on a Swifty HQ over the past few weeks, the events we’ve been to, events we’re preparing for and the exciting developments to our crowdfunding journey!

 Skip ahead to a specific point in the conversation below!

  • Venturefest North West 2019 recap, who we met, what else was on show and the reception of SwiftyCARBON 01:42
  • Swifty’s coming home! Going back to where Jason showed the first-ever Swifty prototype 06:32
  • Team Swifty will be at The Smart City Summit early December and Jason will be speaking on a panel 08:39
  • The growing generalized public perception of e-scooter law 12:02
  • People are actively looking for alternatives to car trips 16:57
  • Swifty will be at CES Vegas 2020 in January and Jason’s previous Vegas experiences 19:16
  • Our recent work with Linka and how we’re utilizing their smart locks in our new smart scooters 25:58
  • Swifty Fleets for corporate mobility and how they can be adapted to a company’s needs 27:24
  • We will be at Taipei Cycle Show in March 2020 and the plans for our new electric scooter 32:46
  • Our crowdfunding campaign has hit its target! An update on the progress of our plans outlined in our Seedrs campaign 38:43

Find out more about Seedrs campaign and how you can join the Swifty shareholder community for as little as £10 HERE

Hear more about other trade shows we've been to in Episode #8 of The Swifty Podcast where Jason and Camilla discuss their time at 2019's Eurobike and IAA Frankfurt

To listen to other episodes head to the Podcast tab in our Journal, or check out the playlist on Youtube and Apple Podcasts

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