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Folding Adult Kick Scooter, SwiftyONE. Form Follows Function

Folding Adult Kick Scooter, SwiftyONE. Form Follows Function

We have witnessed the growth of the kick scooter as an increasingly popular and fun form of transport for adults, whether it be commuting or urban leisure. Scooting is pavement legal, which gives you more freedom in the city, and has obvious safety advantages over cycling. There are plenty of scooters out there to choose from, some which look like kids toys, some larger scooters with hard wheels, and some which fold or dismantle – and then there is SwiftyONE!

folding adult scooter, commuting scooter with big wheels

We love seeing this emerging market unfold before our eyes, but how does the SwiftyONE compare? Let's have a look at SwiftyONE’s key features.

Large 16-inch pneumatic wheels

Swifty’s scooters all have 16-inch pneumatic wheels, we believe that this is the secret to an enjoyable and adventurous journey, unhindered by terrain.

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The reasoning is simple; small harder wheels (such as with Xootr or Micro Adult) don’t handle obstacles well. Anything from a twig to an uneven flagstone could cause an accident or simply slow you down, but not with the SwiftyONE – you just keep on rolling. Also the smaller the wheels, the more rolling resistance, with 16” pneumatic wheels you can cruise, coast and freewheel – also larger wheels mean that kick for kick you will get more propulsion.

All you need to do is keep those tyres pumped up!

SwiftyONE's folding mechanism

A folding scooter is an advantage if you use public transport as part of your journey, or have limited storage space. We believe that the unique folding mechanism of SwiftyONE is unrivalled. There are similarly sized adult scooters with larger wheels, (like the Mibo, Yedoo & Kickbike), but nothing that folds like SwiftyONE. An early prototype of SwiftyONE had a third mechanism to fold the frame so that the wheels sat side by side. But after testing, Swifty Scooters decided that a slimmer folded silhouette of the SwiftyONE was much more practical for both storages, carrying and has the added advantage of being able to roll it when folded, meaning you don’t have to carry it.

scooter big wheel, scooter commuter

Often the folding mechanism becomes a weak-point in the strength of a scooters frame, rattling as you scoot along, but this is not the case with SwiftyONE. The quality and craftsmanship of the mechanism on our scooter mean that the frame remains strong, it’s a feature SwiftyONE owners love.

Quality design and engineering

Have you heard the motto, buy cheap, buy twice? SwiftyONE is one of the more expensive scooters on the market, but with good reason. The build quality is excellent, nothing rattles or shakes. The folding features work perfectly and are built to last.

How can I explain the difference between an ugly scooter and a beautiful one? Perhaps it’s something to do with the symmetry of the wheels, the slim profile, the considered engineering, or the modest branding?

For us the answer is simple, the beauty is in how it feels to ride. Ride and Roll!

adult commuter scooter, adult push scooter


  • Hi Joe, We make TALL versions of all our scooters with higher handlebars that are suitable for riders up to 6’5″, you can choose this option on the product pages. We also have a custom painting service available under our SERVICE & CUSTOMISE tab if you’re looking for a certain colour for the scooters!

    Swifty HQ on

  • I like the practicality but looks a bit dumb, can you make one that is in full black and higher handle bars I don’t need to hunch over like a child/ speed racer (6’3).

    Feedback Joe on

  • Hi Sarah, yes, we’re able to deliver to Northern Ireland! Full details can be found on our ‘Shipping & Delivery’ page that you can find at the bottom of this page.

    Swifty HQ on

  • Is there anyway you could deliver to Northern Ireland

    Sarah Boal on

  • Hi Jack,

    The SwiftyONE weighs 8.3kg. When unfolded it is 1,370mm (54") long, its handlebar width is 555mm (21.9"), and adjustable handlebar height is 915mm (36") – 1,015mm (40”). When folded, it is 1,065mm (42") long, 160mm (6.3") wide , and 660mm (26") tall. You can find more dimensions and information here –

    Thanks very much.

    Swifty HQ on

  • Hello,

    Pleqse may I have the weight , dimension of the scooter, folded and open.

    Thanks JD

    jack don on

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