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The Swifty Fleet – Scooting Side by Side with Sustainability at Cadworks, Glasgow

The Swifty Fleet – Scooting Side by Side with Sustainability at Cadworks, Glasgow

The Swifty Fleet – Scooting Side by Side with Sustainability at Cadworks, Glasgow

As a response to the escalating world-wide environmental concerns, a huge number of green initiatives are being implemented which use inventive and socially conscious measures to help stem the planet’s emissions. One of those, ‘net zero’ has now entered the public lexicon, and for good reason.

It’s a powerful and potentially revolutionary enterprise to use energy ultra-effectively, and it has been initially fostered by the building and construction sector. To put it plainly, a net carbon zero construction is one that adheres to zero energy being expended to produce an energy source.

Cadworks Glasgow Swifty Scooter Fleet

Glasgow's most sustainable office development

Coinciding with the November 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow - where global leaders gathered to face climate change - Scotland’s most sustainable office development was launched in the city. Known as the ‘Cadworks’, this 94,000 square foot Grade A office is situated a brief walking distance from Glasgow Central Station on Cadogan Street.

To achieve net carbon zero, every facet of the building has been scrutinised. Aside from the more obvious achievable areas like on-site electricity generation via solar panels, zero usage of fossil fuels and high efficiency all-electric heating and cooling systems, Cadworks is also the first Glasgow office development to use a revolutionary new paint which removes greenhouse gases from the air.

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Corporate mobility, providing sustainable transport modes for staff

But it isn’t just the building itself which rigorously observes a green philosophy. There are only spaces available for bicycle storage and shared electric vehicles, having been designed with no car parking. It also has the distinction of offering both the city’s first cycle-in access ramp and private fleet of Swifty Scooters for tenants to use free.

That’s right, our illustrious scooters are lined up in there, available for use to anyone within the building. The scooters themselves are custom painted and branded, with even their own bespoke display stand in the building’s lobby (pictured).

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Having previously worked with Swifty Scooters in their Manchester city centre development Windmill Green in 2020, the award-winning, forward-thinking property investment firm Fore Partnership are behind Cadworks.

In creating a more environmentally-conscious building, Fore Partnership are subscribing to the notion that businesses who rent such premises are the kind looking to attract talented, trailblazing employees who expect such things as storage facilities for their mode of emissions-free commuter transport.

The office spaces of the future are created to meet the expectations of young, professional urbanites, as well echoing our values here at Swifty, which encompass the same kind of aspirational green philosophy.

Making a happy and healthy workforce a priority at Cadworks

But it’s also about contributing to the well-being of employees, too. It was only late last year that this subject was one of the key emerging environmental, social and governance issues for companies and investors to watch out for as the cost of stress associated with the Covid-19 pandemic posed an operational risk to businesses. It’s clear that a healthy and happy workforce undoubtedly increases productivity.

But aside from the mental wellbeing attached to exercising whilst on your commute, forms of micro mobility transport such as kick scooters barely take up any space on the street, and due to having zero emissions, create cleaner and safer environments for everybody.

Look at any of our big cities, and the two most pressing matters are always the same – air pollution and congestion. Glasgow is no exception. Last year, statistics indicated that Glaswegians are 25 times more likely to die from respiratory illnesses caused by vehicle emissions in the city than by being involved in a car crash.

Micro mobility addresses both issues by offering an easy solution for work commutes, particularly in light of the pandemic, where city authorities have had to wrestle with how to manage urban mobility without it being detrimental to the health of inhabitants and workers, and trying to avoid unwelcome congestion on public transport.

Cities account for more than 70% of greenhouse gas emissions, and buildings are the single largest contributor to the climate crisis. With brands like Swifty Scooters and firms such as Fore Partnership paving the way on how we lead a more sustainable working lifestyle for the future, with those issues are being tackled head-on through innovation and a visionary approach.

For more information about Swifty’s Scooter fleets, check out our Swifty Fleets page.

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