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Meta Data Center Scooter Fleet

UKs Swifty Scooters Supply Scooter Fleets to META Data Centers in USA

UKs Swifty Scooters Supply Scooter Fleets to META Data Centers in USA

Swifty Scooters has caught the eye of the tech giant META. Based in the North West of England, Swifty’s reputation for high-quality corporate scooter fleets precedes it. Swifty have supplied three of Meta's US data centers with fleets of scooters this year.

Why Swifty, we ask? “Because we’ve heard they’re the best!” META site facilities manager replies.


While the micromobility industry commentary tends to focus on electric scooters, the request was decidedly for manual scooters, or kick-scooters as we like to call them.

They’re not electric? META choose active travel for their scooter fleets

“Whenever we receive an inquiry for our corporate scooters fleets, we always start with a conversation to find out more about the client’s needs. This one took us by surprise to be honest. Firstly this was for staff to navigate within the site, not travelling outside it. And secondly, that staff will be scooting inside the building, rather than outside. So no need for mudguards!” Jason Iftakhar CEO Swifty Scooters

The result of the initial consultation was a custom set-up for META. SwiftyZERO scooters, custom painted pastel blue, with META logos on both sides of the frame. A kick-stand was added, and a lovely large basket for convenience.

Meta Scooters Fleet Swifty

The Swifty scooter fleet was the perfect solution for them, they will save so much time from walking but still remain active at work. The tyres grip well on the smooth concrete floors, and the Swiftys will cater for staff members of all shapes and sizes (rated to max load of 150kg).

CSR and ESG objectives met with a fleet of kick-scooters from Swifty

For all our fleet clients, the scooter fleets tick all the right boxes. Their objectives that are set out in their Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental and Social Governance reports are:

  • Boost productivity by saving on walking time across the large site.
  • Improve health and wellbeing by injecting a fun and active way to travel
  • Contributing to the Net Zero carbon objectives
  • Beautifully presented to impress visitors and communicate brand values

Here are three case studies.

CASE STUDY 1: Meta’s Newton Data Center Scooter Fleet, Georgia USA

Newton Data Center

Located 44 miles east of downtown Atlanta, The Newton Data Center is the result of $1bn of investment from the tech giant to expand its server farms. While the site is operated on 100% renewable energy, the fleet of 25 scooters requires no electrical power at all. They just roll so well!

Scooter Fleet Size: 25 kick-scooters, with custom frame colour, branding, kick-stand and basket

Site Size: 2.5 million square feet

Staff Members: 200+

“The scooters are amazing, we love the look and style that Swifty offers, our staff and visitors love using them and they bring so much fun to the campus. Having scooting as another alternative travel option to move around our large campus in a safe and sustainable way is exactly what we were looking for. Thanks Swifty 👍🛴” Facilities Site Manager, Antwan Mucker


CASE STUDY 2: Meta’s Fort Worth Data Center Scooter Fleet, Texas USA

Fortworth Data Center

The Fort Worth Data Center is another huge site to house Meta’s servers. 2.6 million square feet in size and boasting a LEED Gold Level certification by the US Green Building Council for achieving net zero carbon emissions. The building is supported by 100% renewable energy through Meta’s investments in new wind and solar projects.

Scooter Fleet Size: 50 kick-scooters, with custom frame colour, branding, kick-stands, mudguards and baskets.

Site Size: 2.6 million square feet

Staff Members: 200+

“The assembled scooters have been received at the site and they are very impressed with the quality. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company.” Account Manager, Denise Lane

CASE STUDY 3: Meta’s Altoona Data Center Scooter Fleet, Iowa USA

The Altoona Data Center in Iowa is tipped to be the largest data center in the world by 2025. With new buildings being built, the site will surpass 5 million square feet. The Altoona site is still in construction and represents $2.5 bn in investment.

Scooter Fleet Size: 8 kick-scooters, with custom branding, kick-stands, and baskets.

Site Size: 5 million square feet

Staff Members: 400+




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