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Adult Scooters – What Accessories Do I Need?

Adult Scooters – What Accessories Do I Need?

You’ve chosen the best scooter for you, but what else might you need to make sure you’re fully prepared? Whether you're taking your scooter to the office or the countryside, to the shops or for a quick 5k there are an array of accessories we'd recommend to make your trip easier.

For many the right scooter is all you'll ever need, but if you're looking to fully kit yourself out we go in more detail on what accessories you may want to look out for. 


ESSENTIALS for all Adult Scooter Riders

Everyone embraces adult scooters for different reasons but there are a couple of accessories we’d recommend all riders have - 

Helmet –

Safety is always top priority. Whenever and for whatever reason you’re heading out on your scooter we always recommend wearing a helmet. You can control your route and speed as much you like but accidents do happen and it’s always best to be safe.

Swifty scooters’ big wheels will help negate a lot of the issues that can cause crashes on small wheel scooters such as potholes and debris on the road. But we can’t account for other road users 

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Lights –

Just as important as wearing a helmet is making sure you’re visible. We’ve all been caught out by the sun going down quicker than we thought and heading home when it’s darker than we’d like. When it comes to the winter months a lot of the journeys we make will be during the night time too.

Lights are a simple and easy way of making sure we’re safe and seen while we’re scooting whatever time of day we’re heading out.  

We have a selection of different front and rear lights in the Swifty store depending on what your needs are. They’re all easy to attach to your scooters frame and a backpack or clip onto the back of your coat!

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Get to know the differences between all Swifty's adult scooter models

Commuter Scooters

One of the main reasons adults turn to scooters is for commuting. Whether fed up with wasting time stuck in traffic or crammed into the same bus every morning scooting gives us a chance to transform the commute entirely.

The benefits of taking your scooter to the office don’t stop at the commute though, it means you can get out further during your lunch break, or get active and save petrol costs when heading to meetings! 

SwiftyONE is the ideal scooter for your commute, with big wheels to deal with any uneven pavements or potholes on your route, foldable to take onto a bus or train and light enough to carry or roll. 

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Mudguards –

The scoot commute puts us at the mercy of the elements, and one thing we can guarantee in England is a healthy dose of rain throughout the year. The last thing you want when you turn up to the office is a fresh splattering of water all over you, so mudguards are a must!

Bell –

The commute gets us all moving to and from work around the same times whether we’re in a car or not. With everyone on the go at the same time, it’s important other path and road users know you’re there and one of the best ways to do that is with a Swifty bell! 

Commuters, what's better, a folding bike or folding scooter? We put them up against one another 


Handlebar Bag –

We all take a bag with us to work to carry our notepads, lunch or whatever else. Scooting is a full-body activity though and especially in the summer months, we don’t want to have your bag restricting you so the bags we stock can easily be attached to the handlebars of your scooter to take the weight off your back!

In the Swifty store, we have a variety of different sizes for you to choose from whether you’re just taking the essentials, or you’re looking for a bigger backpack to carry everything you’ll need through the day. 

Rack –

If you’ve already got a trusty bag or backpack that you rely on to get everything to work maybe the vario-rack is what you’re looking for instead. The rack connects easily to the front of your scooter and allows you to strap your bag into it securely. This frees you up and lets your scooter take the weight for you, so you can spend the time enjoying your journey.

After a long day at the office you don’t want to be lugging your bag on your back for the scoot commute home – let your Swifty do the heavy lifting! 

Lock –

As you would with your bike, a good lock is essential if you’re leaving your scooter outside while you’re in a meeting or the office! We have heavy-duty D locks available for top security or Z locks for if you’re looking for some peace of mind in low-risk areas.

We’d normally call this an essential accessory but our commuter scooter, SwiftyONE, can be folded up to a size that’s small and manageable enough to easily take into the office and tuck under your desk!

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Exercise Scooters

Scooting is a great way to get fit and active. Low impact, variable fitness that can be adapted easily to fit your level - what’s not to love? You get the benefits of multi-planar exercise while also being something not a lot of other exercises can claim to be – fun! 

All active scooting is good for fitness whatever you’re heading out, but for those of us that are heading out specifically to get our heart rates up and get moving SwiftyZERO is the ideal scooter for you! Lightweight, sturdy and nimble it’s perfect for transferring all your energy into speed to feel all the glutes, core and leg benefits scooting brings!

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Bottle/holder –

Scooting is a full-body exercise and is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and get a sweat on in no time. As with any form of exercise, staying hydrated is of top importance so having a water bottle to hand is key.  

We have bottle holder mounts that connect to either the S-bend, steerer tube or handlebars of your scooter, so you can choose which option suits you best! 

Looking to get active outdoors but running isn't for you? A scooter might be the answer! Learn More...


Mudguards –

Depending on your route adding some mudguards onto your SwiftyZERO might give you an extra layer of safety from the water and mud on the ground. If you’re a bit of a fair-weather exerciser, then these give you one less excuse to not get outside too!

You might not mind getting a bit wet or muddy during your ride, sometimes it can be part of the fun! But for those of us who don’t fancy putting on a fresh wash every time we’ve been for a scoot it can give you that extra peace of mind.

Bell –

Heading out for a fitness scoot generally sees you going around similar spaces as other road users, and will often have you riding faster than usual. Having a bell on your scooter makes it that bit easier to alert everyone that you’re coming up behind or from the side etc. and will avoid any unnecessary accidents!  scooter bell, bell for scooter, bell for bike

Dirt Scooters

Adventure scooters or dirt scooters as they’re often known are designed to handle any terrain. They can take on bike trails, jumps and stunt and much more. Heading out into the country to find some fresh routes to try out opens up a whole new dimension to riding your scooter.

Our off-road scooter SwiftyAIR can take a beating. With a heat-treated T6 aluminium 6061 frameset and steel front forks there's not much holding you back! Over the years it's been backflipped, front flipped, tail whipped, flaired and 360ed, ridden down mountains and thrashed around in all weather!

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Protective clothing –

If you’re taking your scooter down some bike trails and across the tough terrain you the first thing you need to look after is yourself! Knee pads, elbow pads and padded gloves and of course a helmet are the least we’d recommend wearing. 

This will set you up safely should you come off your scooter and will allow you to keep going on your trip without needing to make a brief stop off at A&E!

Bottle/holder –

Adventure scooting generally sees you heading off the beaten track and away from houses and towns. Out in the sticks for most of the day, it’s important to make sure you have plenty of water with you to keep your energy up through the day.  

With multiple mount positions, you can choose which fits most securely to the frame of your SwiftyAIR so you can still tackle the jumps and ramps with confidence.


Puncture Repair Kit –

Taking on the trails has you going over some harsh terrains and putting your scooter through its paces, so it’s not uncommon to have the odd puncture while out on the ride. Thorns, twigs, sharp stones, all it takes is one little thing to flatten your tyre. 

Having a patch kit in your bag (nice and easy as it’s small) could be your saving grace should a puncture happen. It’s generally a quick fix and you can get out on the trails again without losing much of your day!

Learn how to change your tyre on our YouTube channel!

Multi-tool –

If you’re heading down some bike trails on your dirt scooter you want to make sure everything is in tip-top shape before you tackle the ride. It goes without saying to give your scooter a once over before heading down, but having a multi-tool to hand is the perfect way to make sure everything is secure and safe before setting off. 

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