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Comparing Swifty’s Adult Scooter Models

Comparing Swifty’s Adult Scooter Models

Swifty adult scooters stand out from the pack. Our kick and electric scooters represent the best of British innovation, are safe by design and built to last thousands of miles of fun. Whether you’re looking for something to speed up your commute, help you get active or help you get your next adrenaline rush there’s a Swifty for you!

With all the different scooter models in our range, we get a lot of questions about what stands them apart from one another - which is what we’re here to clear up! 


For a quick glance comparison of all our different models and you can check out our ‘Compare’ page HERE.

SwiftyONE vs SwiftyZERO

The main difference between the ONE and ZERO is that SwiftyONE is foldable. 

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SwiftyZERO has a fixed frame whereas SwiftyONE can be folded down and either carried or rolled. As a result of the foldability, SwiftyONE has a rear pedal foot brake as opposed to ZERO which has two tektro v brakes that you control on the handlebars. 

In terms of weight, they’re similar but SwiftyZERO is the lightest model in our range at 8.2kg (18.1lbs) compared to SwiftyONE at 8.3kg (18.3lbs).

Both scooters have the same max load however of 150 kg (330 lbs) so are more than comfortable for heavier riders, or riders that want to carry some extra things with them in bags and panniers.

Both the ZERO and ONE are suitable for use on the same terrains - uneven pavements, cobbles, wet and muddy conditions etc but are not suitable for aggressive riding like jumps and downhill trails etc. We have a selection of different tyres available on our site for SwiftyZERO if you’re looking for some different grip, however for the SwiftyONE using any tyre other than the Kenda KWest as the rear wheel will block the folding mechanism.

SwiftyONE has an adjustable handlebar height whereas SwiftyZERO’s handlebar height is fixed. Max height for the models differs slightly too, for SwiftyONE we recommend the max height as 186 cm (6’1″) and SwiftyZERO we recommend 188 cm (6’2″). For people looking for taller scooters we have handlebar risers available for both models that takes the max height to 195 cm (6’5″).


SwiftyONE vs SwiftyAIR

The main difference between the ONE and AIR again is the foldability of the ONE and that the AIR can handle rough terrain and jumps.

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The best way to differentiate between these two scooters is to look at them in terms of what terrain they’re suited for. SwiftyONE is our ‘urban’ model so designed for use in the city, ideal for handling Uneven pavements, Asphalt, concrete, cobbles etc. SwiftyAIR on the other hand is our ‘adventure’ model, or dirt scooter that is able to handle much tougher terrain, Downhill trails, Jumps and stunts etc. 

Our off road scooter SwiftyAIR has a higher spec wheelset than the ONE. The AIR boasts GMD high-performance tyres, 305mm double-wall rims, sealed bearings and hand laced stainless steel spokes that are designed to handle the most aggressive riding techniques. SwiftyONE comparatively has High-pressure Kenda KWest tyres.

Similar to the ZERO, SwiftyAIR has a front and rear Tektro V-brake as opposed to the rear pedal brake on the SwiftyONE. SwiftyAIR is also 8.9kg (19.6lbs) so a bit heavier than the ONE which is 8.3kg (18.3lbs), as it’s a more heavy duty scooter to deal with the kind of aggressive riding that off-roading brings.

Due to the off roading nature of the AIR we have a variety of different tyres available on our site that you can choose from depending on the terrain you’re tackling. SwiftyONE on the other hand can only take the Kenda KWest tyre on its rear wheel because any larger wheels will disrupt the folding mechanism of the scooter.

In terms of similarities between the two, both have a max height of 186cm (6’1”) which can be extended to 195 cm (6'5″) with a handlebar riser. SwiftyAIR has a fixed handlebar height however while SwiftyONE’s handlebar height is adjustable.

Both scooters have a max load of 150kgs so are perfect for heavy adults.

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SwiftyZERO vs SwiftyAIR

SwiftyAIR has a number of upgraded features, making it suitable for off-road riding and tougher terrains compared to the ZERO.

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SwiftyZERO and SwiftyAIR are perhaps the most similar of our scooter models. They both share the same fixed frame, have front and rear Tektro V-brakes, fixed handlebar heights (max rider recommendation 186cm (6’1”)) and the same max loads of 150 kg (330 lbs).

The key differences lie in the SwiftyAIRs wheelset higher spec wheelset - GMD high-performance tyres, sealed bearings, hand laced stainless steel spokes. SwiftyZERO comparatively has High-pressure Kenda KWest tyres. It’s worth noting we have a variety of different tyres available on our site for both models if you’re looking for some alternative grip.

SwiftyZERO is the lightest kick scooter in our core range at 8.2kg (18.1lbs) and as a result of the higher spec SwiftyAIR is the heaviest at 8.9 kg (19.6 lbs).

As mentioned previously, suitable terrain is also a major difference with these two models. The AIR is able to handle the toughest routes and terrains and can face whatever you can throw at it, whether that’s down a mountain, flipped in a skatepark or anything else you can think of! SwiftyZERO is not suitable for these tougher conditions, rather it’s best in more urban environments like asphalt and concrete, cobbles, uneven pavements etc. Thanks to the 16’’ wheels with pneumatic tyres it’s still able to handle grass, gravel and dirt paths as well as wet and muddy conditions however.

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SwiftyONE vs SwiftyONE MARINE

SwiftyONE MARINE is a lighter version of the ONE with a hand polished aluminium frame and upgraded stainless steel components

folding electric scooter, folding scooter for adults

SwiftyONE MARINE is a special edition version of the SwiftyONE. Only 25 are made at a time and are all hand polished with a clear coating revealing the beauty of the material and integrity of the construction.

SwiftyONE has a heat treated T6 aluminium 6061 frame with a steel front fork and Aluminium alloy rear fork. The Marine on the other hand has the same frame but both forks are Aluminium alloy and the axles, spokes, nipples are upgraded to stainless steel.

Both scooters use the same high-pressure Kenda KWest tyres that have a street tread with reflective strips. Other tyres can be used on the scooter but only the KWest’s can be used on the rear wheel, otherwise they will stop the folding mechanism from functioning properly. The scooters both have a front Tektro V-brake with a rear aluminium pedal brake.

The Marine has a variety of components upgraded to blue anodised alloy including the hubs with sealed bearings and axle nuts. This is to help them withstand sand and sea spray; as the name 'Marine suggests this special edition model is designed for life by the sea. Upgraded components mean the scooter is able to handle the elements that the seaside brings and should you get some scratches on it, it won’t rust!

SwiftyONE comes in either Anthracite Black or Atlantic Blue whereas the Marine only comes in the hand polished finish.

All our adult scooters are suitable for taller and heavier riders, learn more!

Swifty Kick Scooters Vs Swifty Electric Scooters

Our adult electric scooters add the ability to travel with electric power, while still being able to be used as a kick scooter

adult big wheel scooter, electric stand up scooter, off road electric scooter

Our big wheel adult e-scooters come in the form of an electric kit that fits onto our existing kick  scooter’s frame. As a result you still get the same level of build quality and reliability as our regular scooters with the added e-power option. All the differences between the models discussed above can be carried over to the e-scooters as it’s the same core scooter underneath!

Adding the e-kit adds some weight to the frame of the scooter as you’d expect, the e-scooter weights are below - 

SwiftyONE-e - 13.7 kg (30 lbs)
SwiftyZERO-e - 13.6 kg (30 lbs)
SwiftyAIR-e - 14.3kg (31.5 lbs)

SwiftyIXI does not have an electric option.

The addition of the e-kit adds some extra safety measures to your scooter. For example a front and rear light come as standard with our electric models, as do front and rear reflectors to make sure you’re seen when scooting in the dark.

One of the key differences between our kick scooters and e-scooters is that SwiftyAIR-e is not suitable for the same kind of off-roading as the AIR kick scooter. The rugged setup of the scooter allows you to tackle the toughest road conditions with confidence but is not advisable to ride on fully off road terrain.

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SwiftyIXI vs Adult Scooters

SwiftyIXI stands alone in our range as it’s our only kid’s scooter.

childrens scooters, all terrain scooter for adults

We take the same principles that make our adult scooters so unique and reliable and added them to our kid’s scooter - large wheel (12’’) with pneumatic tyres, front and rear V-brakes and frame geometry that means they can stand tall!

SwiftyIXI is adjustable in height so it can grow with your children and is ideal for kids aged 7-12 yrs or 120-150 cm (3’11″-4’11″). The IXI comes with integrated mudguards, a skateboard style wooden deck and comes in a wide range of colours to fit your child’s style!


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