Are You a Key Worker? - A Message From Jason: Apply for 40% Discount

Are You a Key Worker? - A Message From Jason: Apply for 40% Discount

As the pandemic causes isolation and lockdown, we’ve seen a rise in sales from all around the world. As public transit is restricted and stopped, people need to adapt to this new routine, and indeed scooting is a great way to travel safely.

It’s been incredibly rewarding for us to hear how customers are using their Swiftys during these difficult times. Moreover, we have learnt that key-workers such as healthcare professionals are relying on their scooters more than ever to get to work.

One of our customers reached out on Facebook to tell us -

‘Not only have I been continuing to use my Swifty to commute to work (I work in a hospital) but when I’m on call, I’ll be using it for call-ins rather than getting an Uber. It only takes a couple of minutes longer, and reduces my commute interactions down to zero.’

In short, we want to help! Here is a message to all KEY-WORKERS from Swifty co-founder Jason:

We’re offering Key Workers a 40% OFF RRP on a select line of our Adult Scooters!

Key Worker Special Offer

If you are a ‘Key Worker’ fill in the form below to receive the discount. You will need to submit ID.

In giving such a discount we won't profit from this promotion. We firmly believe in 'giving forward' and want to help where we can.

Who is a Key Worker? 

To define which key workers are able to make the most of this amazing discount we've taken the information from the UK government. The term defines people who's roles are 'critical to the COVID-19 response'.

This includes a range of jobs in the following categories - 

Health and social care

Education and childcare

Key public services

Local and national government

Food and other necessary goods

Public safety and national security


Utilities, communication and financial services

For further information on key workers and to see if you fit into the categories and are eligible for the discount read more HERE

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Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham with one of Greater Sport's Swifty Fleet scooters outside Woodley Health Centre, Manchester

Doing our bit to help the UK Government

As well as offering this discount to key workers, we are also in discussion with the UK Government to supply them with scooters in order to help people delivering food and medicine to isolated elderly and sick people. 

This is one of the most crucial tasks involved in tackling this virus and we want to make sure we're able to do everything we can to help those who are not in a position to help themselves. 

Our adult scooters can provide a reliable and safe way for people to deliver vital supplies to people all around the UK.

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Why Adult Scooters?

Big wheels, big difference

Our 16″ pneumatic tyres make the world of difference when it comes to your journey. The lumps and bumps you find on any typical ride are ironed out when you’re riding a large-wheeled scooter.

Common hazards such as potholes don’t pose anywhere near as much of an issue when you’re riding a Swifty. The combination of comfortable geometry, long wheel-base and big wheels makes for a smooth and safe ride!

Big wheels also mean that the distance you can travel per kick is much greater than that of any small-wheeled scooter, meaning you can travel further, easier! Furthermore, once you’re up to speed you won’t need to push as much to keep at that pace so you can feel the wind in your hair and enjoy your journey.

Once you’ve tried a Swifty scooter you won’t look back!

Read more about our pothole simulation looking at the safety aspects of big vs small wheel scooters

Scooting saves time!

From our past surveys of customers, over 60% of riders said their typical scooting speed is 5-7mph (running pace) and 20% of people suggested their average speed is 8-15 mph (typical cycling pace). Compared to a standard walking pace of 3-4 mph you can begin to get an idea of how much quicker you can get to your destinations!

Customers have told us that by switching to their scooter for certain journeys they’ve managed to cut down their journey time by two-thirds!

Not only is it quicker but scooting is a whole lot easier than running too. It’s low impact on your joints so more accessible for anyone who has had injuries in the past, you are able to go at whatever pace you feel comfortable and due to Swiftys large wheels, you’re able to maintain your speed for longer!

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Travel further with Swifty!

Travelling at a typical running pace consistently is also much easier on a big-wheeled kick scooter than it is running. As a result, you can broaden the horizons on how you travel, whether you're using it to commute or help aid your job like our Facebook friend mentioned earlier.

Current UK Guidelines (24/3/19) advise that individuals are able to leave the house for ‘One form of exercise a day such as a run, walk, or cycle’. We can safely assume that list also includes scooters! If you're not a runner or a cyclist, a scooter can help to make exercise fun. Scooting also raises your heart rate higher than when walking, which helps you to get some cardio in during the lockdown!

The accessibility of scooting also means those that people who otherwise might not be able to travel far can also broaden their horizons. A great example is one of our followers on Instagram - @GrapeyGrapes who shared a video with us recently saying ‘My [Swifty Scooter] has honestly been a lifesaver the last few months since I’ve developed a painful bone growth. 4.7km on my scooter when I can barely walk 1km now meant a lovely morning out at Dovestone Reservoir’.

View this post on Instagram

'4.7km on my scooter when I can barely walk 1km' We love to hear stories like this at Swifty. It's so gratifying to hear that our scooters are helping get active and get outside to embrace nature! • @grapeygrapes My @swiftyscooters has honestly been a life saver the last few months since I’ve developed a painful bone growth. 4.7km on my scooter when I can barely walk 1km now meant a lovely morning out at Dovestone Reservoir 🐾 🐶 ☺️ #dog #dovestonereservoir #greatermanchester #walk #scooter #swiftyscooter #amputee #ottobock #cleg4 #ossur #proflexalign @ottobock_uk #activetravel #swiftyair #swiftyscooters #dirtscooter #getoutside #steppen #backtonature #bmxscooter #step #onthetrail #gritscooters #backtonature #trottinet #adventureride #foresttrail

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Be in control of your journey

Given the guidelines put in place by governments around the world, scooters are becoming widely accepted for the range of benefits they can bring in stemming the spread of the virus.

On your scooter, you are completely in control of your contact points. You can adjust your routes to avoid people or typically crowded areas altogether and will be travelling in the fresh air.

Quickly getting from A to B is, of course important at any time, and now that social distancing is being enforced in a lot of countries the ease of travelling quickly to your destination is more important than ever.

Good for you, good for us all

Another thing we learnt from our customer research is that 22% of people used their scooter for trips that they otherwise used public transport and 40% of people replaced their car journeys with a scooter ride.

Switching from sedentary modes of transport to active is a great way to help boost your immune system and improve general fitness. Scooting is a fun way to get your heart rate up and an effective form of cardio that you can adapt to your fitness level. It’s one of the easiest ways you can make the most of multi-planar exercise too!

Not only will you feel the physical benefits yourself though, perhaps the lockdown will give us the motivation to adapt and build more positive habits for the future. Hopefully, through this experience, we can begin to understand the benefits of carbon-neutral travel a lot more, so once we’re out the other side we can continue to travel and commute sustainably!

Do you have some preconceptions about using an adult scooter? Read the Top 5 busted scooter Myths!

From all of us here at Swifty we wish you all the best and our thoughts are with those affected by this pandemic. We’re all in it together so look out for one another, if you’re able to do your bit to help please do, follow your respective governments' guidelines and we can all get through this!

If you don't qualify for the 40% discount you can still browse our full range of adult scooters HERE

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NOTE: This offer is only available on our 2019 range adult kick scooters while stocks last. Unfortunately, we are not able to retrospectively discount any orders that we have already processed.


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