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Back to School - A Diary of a Mum-Entrepreneur

Back to School - A Diary of a Mum-Entrepreneur

From Starting Swifty to going Back to School

For me, my perspective on work and life changed dramatically in the early years of parenthood. At first, I missed my working life, missed the sense of achievement, the social side and the focus. But as many parents find, finding a balance between your kids and work is a challenge. We chose to escape London and became self-employed. I’ve no doubt that it looks a little barmy to leave your job and friends, to start a business AND have children, but in fact, our kids were the catalyst to starting Swifty.

entrepreneur mum, business parents, swifty scooters

Our home office at the time Swifty was launched 2011, (and 1.5 kids!)

My kids are my catalyst

Working up the career ladder went out of the window, and flexibility around parenting and work became the goal, entrepreneurship beckoned. Now our youngest child is about to start school – we have survived the early years!

entrepreneur family, business parents, swifty scooters

The early years – a precious nap.

The School Run

Our son’s first day of school is fast approaching. I can hardly believe it – this IS a momentous occasion! But preparing for the school run is fraught with conflicting emotions. Frustration at the trivialities of getting your little darlings vaguely ready and presentable on time, relief to be back into the routine after the holidays, and heartache to see your little babies growing up and becoming more independent by the day. Most of the time this manifests in a slightly stressed mum!

family scooter school run, adult scooter, kids scooter

Let’s hope the first day goes this smoothly…

Swifty is my stress-buster

Swifty is my solution to beat the school run stress. I love scooting with the kids on the school run, it’s just great fun. The kids are in a good mood, if they’re happy, I’m happy. Once out of the house and in the fresh air, we can whizz along the pavement. But I must admit, carrying kids bags and kids scooters back home have been a bit tricky in the past. Now I have this amazing new pannier bag and I can’t wait to use it!

adult scooter, kids scooter, family scooter school run

Everything has to be a race at the moment!

This is my SwiftyZERO and my NEW pannier bag from Goodordering. The 16L capacity easily swallows up the PE kits, book bags and lunchboxes, and also the kid's scooters for the way home. It also has a handy zip pocket for my keys and phone.

school run with kick scooters, family scooters, adult scooter, kids scooter

This new pannier bag easily swallows up lunch boxes, PE kits and book bags.

Take a deep breath and whizz home with the wind in your hair. Step on, and fly home/to work. Swifty is my school-run stress buster.

adult kick scooter, entrepreneur mum scooter, scooter with big wheels

I love my black SwiftyZERO!

And, here’s one for the dads – one of my all-time favourite customer pics from super scooter-dad, Tim.

school run, scooter dad, kick scooter for dads, scooter with big wheels

Super Scooter Dad!

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