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best kids scooter, swiftyixi for children

The Best Kids Scooter – SwiftyIXI reviewed

The Best Kids Scooter – SwiftyIXI reviewed

Adventure awaits with the award-winning kids' scooter from British brand Swifty Scooters. Once your children have outgrown their regular 3 wheeled scooter, they need a fun, strongly built alternative, and our SwiftyIXI is the best two-wheel scooter around for your growing children! 

The stylish vintage-looking kids' scooter from Swifty is perfect for children between the ages of 7 and 12. With bike-like features, this kick scooter provides an exciting yet safe ride - guaranteed to put a smile on any kid's face.


Streets Ahead - Feel The Unbeatable Smooth Ride

We're all familiar with the uncomfortable rattle that comes with even the best 3 wheel scooters, not to mention the frequent nose-dives when the hard wheels meet a rough patch of ground.

In contrast, the SwiftyIXI child scooter comes with 12-inch pneumatic tyres providing a smooth ride in any weather condition. Your children can ride on their scooter with ease across grass, gravel or uneven pavements. The SwiftyIXI gives your child the freedom of a bike and the safety of the pavement.

“This unique all terrain, two-wheeled, retro looking scooter is British design icon in the making.” – Junior Magazine

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One-time investment - A Kids Scooter Built to Last

Unlike other kids scooters, the SwiftyIXI grows with your child. The handlebar is adjustable from 800mm to 910mm and tested to a maximum load of 50kg (110lbs), which makes the scooter suitable for children aged 7-12.

The best scooter for a 10-year-olds can be ridden over thousands of miles and is built to last an entire childhood, handed down, fixed and repaired, and can last generations!

SwiftyIXI is in a higher price bracket, but don't forget Swifty products hold their value, you can always sell on when you need to.

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“It can go over grass easily and it’s really smooth when you ride it, my friends are pretty envious and think it’s really cool, they’ve all had a go on it. I really like the bluey-green colour I’ve chosen. I really love the way it feels like you’re riding a bike but you’re not.” – 10-year-old Jessica

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Stylish, British and Award-Winning Design

Swifty’s kids’ scooters are perfectly styled on the adult equivalent. They come in six stunning core colours with a personalisable plywood deck. The colours have been picked to fit any rider, whether you're looking for a boy's scooter or a girl's scooter. "We believe in providing the best quality kids scooters on the market. Don’t just take our word for it, the SwiftyIXI won the accolade of 'Platinum' for Best Toy at the Junior Design Awards 2018," says co-founder Camilla Iftakhar.

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Safe and Fun

Even in rainy weather, scooting on the SwiftyIXI is safe and fun! The front and rear Tektro V-brakes come as a standard to provide control and assure a safe scoot. Mud and debris are kept away from the rider through the retro-styled integrated mudguards. As well as all this, the scooter has a 55mm ground clearance, perfectly suited for scooting over uneven surfaces.

The SwiftyIXI is built to last, easy to ride and your kids won't outgrow it as quickly as a bike. It's the best two-wheel scooters for kids! Give your child a gift they are guaranteed to cherish for years to come.

Do you know a child who would love a Swifty? Get your SwiftyIXI here or view the product below.

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