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Best Shoes for Kick-Scooting

Best Shoes for Kick-Scooting

Best Shoes for Kick-Scooting

Just like with any other sport, there are certain shoe types best for kick-scooting.  The right pair of shoes can make your scoot more enjoyable and helps you avoid annoying blisters, strained muscles and painful feet. Because people use their scooters for different purposes and on different terrains, we’ve made a complete guide to what type of shoe is best for your kind of scooter use!

What is a good scooting shoe?

A good shoe for kick-scooting has different features. Ideally, it is waterproof but breathable at the same time. A good scooting shoe gives you grip on both the ground and your deck and comes with a good sole, even though the type of sole can differ depending on what your scooting aim is.

Best Shoes for Scooting on Muddy Terrain 

Scooting on muddy, off-road terrain requires a different type of shoe than scooting on hard pavements around the city centre. The perfect shoes for using your kick-scooter on mud should have amazing grip, waterproofing and good ankle support. They should give you more stability than your average road shoe. Trail running shoes are a great choice for this type of terrain because they are designed with high levels of grip to increase stability. They are a bit heavier than normal running shoes but protect and support the foot on rugged terrains. Hiking shoes are also a great option for off-road scooting, because of their stronger grip and ankle support. Especially on uneven terrains, good ankle support is essential to lower your risk of injuries.

best shoes for scooter rider, best shoes for muddy terrains

£££ Inov-8 Roclite 335 | Men / Women

The Inov-8 Roclite 335 is our top-end recommendation for off-road scooting use. This shoe supports your ankle and gives you the grip you need on unpredictable terrains.

££ Targhee EXP Waterproof Hiking Boots | Men / Women

These Targhee hiking boots come with a waterproof but breathable membrane and are easy to clean. The internal bedding provides excellent arch support and follows the natural shape of your foot to support your feet on uneven terrains.

£ Asics Gel-Sonoma 3 G-TX | Men / Women

The Gore-Tex membrane in this shoe keeps your feet dry and protected from all weather conditions. The Asics Gel-Sonoma 3 G-TX come with good grip and support on any surface.

Best Shoes for Scooting in Wet Weather

Approach shoes are great for wet weather because they are a hybrid kind of footwear combining good grip and a firm sole. The approach shoe takes features from both hiking/walking shoes and rock climbing shoes, combining them in a shoe ideal for longer distances. The sticky rubber sole is designed for steep and rocky ground, which gives you amazing grip on wet terrains. Approach shoes are lighter and more breathable than hiking shoes, making them more versatile and comfortable. Perfect for scooter use in wet weather.

best shoes for wet terrains, best shoes for kick scooter

£££ La Sportiva TX4 GTX | Men / Women

These lightweight shoes from La Sportiva come with Gore-Tex Extended Comfort, keeping your feet dry and comfortable during rainy days. The shoe has been designed to maximise grip, comfort and protection. Ideal for a scooting trip on a rainy day. 

££ Haglofs Vergito Proof Eco (Men) / Haglofs Ridge GT (Women)

Haglofs offer a wide variety of walking shoes that have amazing grip in wet weather conditions. The Vergito Proof Eco for men is their most rigid trail walking shoe. It is waterproof, flexible and offers great grip on wet surfaces. The Ridge GT for women comes with outstanding grip on wet services. The waterproof materials make the shoe breathable yet solid.

£ Karrimor Approach Walking Shoes | Men / Women

Karrimor’s Approach Walking shoes provide good grip on wet surfaces and are light and breathable for a comfortable scoot.

Best Shoes for Winter Fitness

Using your scooter in the winter is the perfect way to stay active. Staying motivated to go out in the cold can be a struggle, but wearing the right scooting outfit can help massively. Wearing the right kind of shoes will make your ride much more enjoyable. Shoes for winter fitness should be waterproof and should keep your feet warm.


 best shoes for kick scooter, best shoe for winter fitness

£££ Inov-8 F-Lite 260 Knit | Men / Women

These Inov-8 trainers are made with highly-breathable fabric, making it a perfect shoe for fitness purposes. The cushioning makes the shoe fit comfortably and the lightweight design makes your feet move fast with every kick.

££ Asics Pulse10 G-TX | Men / Women

Because the Asics Pulse10 G-TX comes with a Gore-Tex membrane, this shoe should keep your feet nice and dry during your winter scoot. The gel cushioning minimises shock during impact and increases the overall protection of your feet. 

£ Underarmour Raid Trainer / Tempo Trainer | Men / Women

These training shoes give you comfort and stability, keeping your feet warm and dry during the winter season.

Best Shoes for Improving Foot Strength

Modern shoes have changed the way we walk. The thicker soles made us stop rolling through our steps like we do when we walk barefooted. A study in 2007 showed that walking in shoes with thicker soles puts more ballast on our knees compared to when we walk with low profile shoes or with no shoes at all. Low profile shoes also help you gain foot strength and improves your balance. This is one of the reasons martial artists want to be as connected to the ground as possible. Scooting for foot strength works best with the right type of shoe, one that makes you feel the deck and connect with the ground while you kick.


£££ Vivo Barefoot Stealth | Men / Women

Vivo Barefoot specialise in barefoot shoes, making their shoes a go-to choice for barefoot footwear. The Stealth shoes are perfect for everyday wear and sportier activities. They come with their signature 3mm sole for maximum sensory feedback.

££ Merrell Vapor Glove 3 | Men / Women

The barefoot shoes from Merrell have a minimal look and come with a Vibram sole which has nearly zero ground-to-foot separation. It allows you to feel the scooter deck and the ground perfectly while building up the muscle strength in your feet.

£ New Balance Minimus 20v7 | Men / Women

The New Balance Minimus line comes with a Vibram sole, too. This sole is 4mm and gives you the ground feel you need in order to increase your foot strength.

adult scooter

Best Scooting Shoes to Recover from Foot Injuries 

Scooting can offer a great way to stay active while recovering from an injury. You do need to make sure you wear the right type of shoe to support your body where needed.

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. The thick tissue band that runs across the bottom of your feet becomes inflamed. This usually happens because the tension and stress become too much, leading to tears in the fascia. If this happens often, the fascia becomes inflamed. This type of injury can be caused by taken up a new sport, being overweight or having tight calf muscles.

You can use your scooter while recovering from plantar fasciitis, but it’s important to get shoes that have a firmer sole, cushioned heel and good arch support, to take the strain off the injury. 

Achilles Tendinitis is another common injury that can occur in active people. The Achilles tendon can get injured due to repetitive strain. The structure of the Achilles tendon gets weaker with age, making it more susceptible to injuries. Ways to treat or prevent this injury is to stretch, to gradually increase your activity levels and to wear the right type of shoe while being active. You want to pick a lightweight shoe that gives good support, and a higher profile (thick cushioning for your heel), to reduce the tension in the Achilles tendon.

best shoes for active foot injury recovery, best shoes for kick scooting

£££ Asics Gel Nimbus 21 | Men / Women

The Asics Gel Nimbus offer good support and are comfortable to wear. The key feature that makes this shoe perfect for people who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendinitis is the heel clutching system, which offers the ultimate support in the areas affected by these injuries. These shoes come with a good grip and are wearable in all weather conditions. 

££ New Balance 1080 | Men / Women

The reason why these New Balance shoes are a good choice for people who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendinitis is because the 1080 come with an asymmetrical heel counter that keeps your feet locked into place. The thick sole provides you with great support and is shock absorbing, giving your feet the protection they need.  

£ Mizuno Wave Rider 19 | Men / Women

This shoe has been designed to keep your heel in place and therefore keeps it protected from shocks. The more flexible toe makes this shoe perfect for strengthening your foot to prevent further injuries whilst also minimalizing the pain from your current injury. 

EXTRA TIP: To prevent injuries while scooting, make sure to not bend your knee over your toe while kicking your scooter forward. A correct scooting form can prevent injuries.


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