winter tips for kick scooter riders, winter proof your scooter

Winter Tips for Kick-Scooter Riders – Winter Proof Your Scooter

Using your scooter during the cold and dark winter months might evoke some mixed emotions. But the cold weather changes don’t stop a real scooter rider from riding outside. Especially in the winter, it’s important to stay active and luckily for you, all Swifty models have been designed to be all-weather scooters! These aim to help you stay safe and warm on your winter kick scooter adventures!

Stay Motivated

Finding the motivation to go outside in the cold to scoot can be tricky. Remember that even if it’s cold outside, exercising warms you up! Get moving and get your circulation flowing. Finding a kind of exercise that you enjoy helps you to remain motivated, or finding a buddy to exercise with.

Another way to boost your motivation is to join our Strava Fitness club. On Strava, you can track your scooter journeys, share pictures with our other members and motivate each other to stay active this winter. Find our Strava Scooter Club here. 

winter proof your kick scooter, winter tips for scooter riders 

Be Visible

The days are slowly getting longer, but the mornings and evenings are still very dark. It’s important to be seen by pedestrians or cars when crossing the street, especially in the dark.

Fit a front light on your scooter and attach a rear light to your backpack. If you’re out early in the morning or later at night, it’s also a good idea to add some sort of reflective clothing to your scooting outfit. This will maximize your visibility during the darker times of the day.

Adjust How You Ride

How to ride a kick scooter in the summer can be somewhat different to how you ride it in wet winter months. You'll obviously have to be cautious on your ride, but as for specific scooter riding techniques make shorter pushes more often to make sure you're as grounded as can be. We'd also recommend less time freewheeling with both your feet on the footplate. It's ideal to have a leg ready to stabilise you if you hit a particularly slippery patch.

Dress Up Warm

Being weather conscious is another must for scooter riders. Before going out, always check the weather and dress appropriately. Even though your body will heat up by exercising it, your fingers, nose, chin and ears will stay cold in the icy winter wind. Always wear a pair of gloves to keep your fingers warm, a scarf for neck coverage or a jacket that you can zip up to your chin and something to protect your ears (like a headband, we like the one from As Bold As). Wear multiple thin layers of clothing to insulate your body and stay warm. 


winter proof your kick scooter, winter tips for scooter riders

Wet Weather Proof

Just like you winter-proof your car by filling up the anti-freeze and changing your summer tyres to winter tyres, your scooter needs some winter loving too. Winter equals wet and cold weather. The mud, dirt, and grit on the pavements come up from the rotating scooter tyres and can get on the scooter and onto the rider. That’s why it’s time to take out the mudguards again! A mudguard protects you from all the debris, which is especially useful on wet and muddy roads. You can get mudguards for your folding SwiftyONE, fitness SwiftyZERO or adventure SwiftyAIR.

If you use your scooter for commuting and you take your scooter onto the train or tram with you, bring a rain cover. Fold your scooter as you’d normally fold it, put it into the rain cover and protect yourself and other commuters from the rain and dirt.

Because winter can also be quite wet, prepare yourself with an extra waterproof layer of clothing. Fit a lightweight, waterproof jacket into your bag in case the weather changes for the worse. One of our favourite brands for warm, waterproof clothing is Mountain Equipment. Make sure to be wearing a pair of shoes with enough grip and that is made for wet weather. Approach shoes or trail running shoes would be a good pick.

winter proof your kick scooter, winter tips for scooter riders

Safety Checks 

Before hitting the road, always make a basic check of your scooter. Check the tyre pressure, check if the brakes are working properly and check all quick-release levers are fully closed and tightened. You can always ask your local bike shop for advice or send us a message if you’re struggling. These checks are always recommended, but especially in the wet winter months, it’s a must!

Wet weather = dirt on the pavement = a dirty scooter. This time of year it’s extra important to clean your scooter regularly. This won’t only allow you to show off your scooter’s stylish features, it also prolongs the life of your scooter. In winter, salt and grit are spread across the roads, but these can corrode the steel parts of the scooter if not looked after properly. To clean your scooter, you can use soap and water and a non-abrasive sponge or plastic brush. Clean off the debris and keep your ride smooth.

adult folding scooter


Are your tyres still suitable for the weather? Your scooter wheels might have served you well in the drier months but as we head further into winter you could suddenly find yourself riding in the snow so it's worth making sure they can handle it!

If you’re a frequent scooter rider, you might notice that your tyres have worn down a bit. Check if the tyre treads depth is still okay and consider changing the tyres if you can see visible wear and tear to maximize your grip. You can get new tyres for your adult scooter here.

Even though all Swifty tyres come with the highest level of puncture protection, being prepared is always better than being sorry. Because extra grit is being spread to give you extra grip on the wet pavements or in the snow, punctures are more likely to happen. Pop a lever patch kit in your bag, just in case.

Want to know more about what scooter tyre and tyre pressure is best for your needs? Learn all about it HERE

2 thoughts on “Winter Tips for Kick-Scooter Riders – Winter Proof Your Scooter

  1. avatar Swifty HQ says:

    Hi Dan, We have not really experimented with using slime for puncture prevention, so thank you for the suggestion. There are a few brands offering puncture-proof tape to line in the inside of your wheel that we know about. But we’ll certainly look into slime on your recommendation and perhaps do a review of it as a potential puncture-proof solution!

  2. avatar Dan Stone says:

    I was wondering what your thoughts are on putting slime or another puncture prevention substance in the inner tube?
    I’ve slimed all my scooter wheels after a thorn puncture on my first ride out (that wasn’t a Swifty)
    It’s impossible to say whether it’s the slime or tyres which are working well but I’ve had no punctures on any of my scooters since.
    Also…I just want to say how much zi adore my SwiftyOne. I miss it when I’m away for more than a couple of days!

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