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How to Clean and Service your Adult Scooter

How to Clean and Service your Adult Scooter

How to Clean and Service your Adult Scooter

When was the last time you gave your Swifty a thorough once over? We’re all guilty of neglecting our scooters from time to time, so now is a great opportunity to check your scooter is still up to scratch!


Check your scooter's brakes

Brakes are obviously one of the most important parts of your scooter and will be one of the most used, so it stands to reason that we should make sure we look after them!

V-Brakes come as standard on all our models, they’re reliable and easy to service should there be any problems. A common complaint we hear is that brakes are squeaking so if they are, take a look at the below trick to stop them –


If you have a SwiftyONE then for your back tyre you have a foot brake rather than a V-brake. We recommend using the rear brake before the front to avoid any nasty accidents so it’s key that it’s in good shape to do its job! See below for how to service your SwiftyONE’s rear brake –

Check your scooter's tyres

Do your tyres seem worn? Is the grip on them ok? You can find replacement tyres and inner-tubes in our shop. If you're not sure which to go for, just ask!

Make sure to check they’re appropriately pumped up too, this can have more of an effect on the ride than you might think! For the full guide to tyres and ideal tyre pressure head below.

Just because we're stuck inside doesn't mean we can't be improving our scooting technique. Learn more about what indoor exercises you can do! (indoor link)

Need any new parts?

If you think you could do with a few parts replacing on your scooter, then don’t fear! We stock a large array of replacement parts that all come with clear instructions of how to get them onto your scooter easily!

Don't forget that we offer a service and repair service here at Swifty HQ. So if you're not confident doing it yourself but you know your Swifty has seen better days, you can always book it in with is. Go to Service and Repair for more info.

Find our full list of stocked spare parts HERE

Get to more about all the range of top quality accessories we stock at Swifty HERE

Give your adult scooter a clean

It's a good idea to keep your scooter clean and dry as it helps to avoid any corrosion. Use a warm soapy water and a soft brush or sponge. Its a good time to check over your scooter for any signs of wear and tear, check for cracks in the tyres and frame, loose nuts and bolts, quick release levers are tight, and of course check the breaks are working. Your Swifty is built to last, but after several years there may be 

DO NOT USE: Never use pressure washers, scourers or bleach!

Spend a bit of time getting into the nooks and crannies of your scooter and make sure they’re all clean. 

You’d be surprised, sometimes when you’ve given your scooter a quick once over it will look brand new!

Still got some scuffs and nicks on your scooter after you’ve cleaned it? We have touch up paint available for most of our models should you want to cover these up!


Decorate and personalise your scooter

Once you’ve checked all your components and are sure your scooter is in tip-top shape why not have a little fun with it? Make your Swifty your own with a bit of decoration.

This is particularly fun with your SwiftyIXIs, you can make it a family task. We’ve even made up some of the IXIs in our showroom to have tiger stripes, cheetah spots and ladybird spots! Check out our Tiger IXI in action below - 

We’ve already seen some customers personalise their ride, it doesn’t need to be anything big, even a small personalisation can make your Swifty feel special! Take a leaf out of Alan’s book -


Taking a couple of hours to make sure your scooter is in the best shape it can be is a great way to spend a bit of time. You'll feel like you're hitting the streets on a brand new scooter!

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