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Swifty's Handpicked Scooter Accessories & Gifts From as Little as £13!

Swifty's Handpicked Scooter Accessories & Gifts From as Little as £13!

Swifty is known for the stunningly designed and built-to-last adult kick scooters and children's scooters. However, what some people don’t realise is that we also have a range of top-quality accessories available on our site that make great gifts to fully kit out the scooters amongst us.

We’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re a scoot-commuter or thrill-seeking adventurer. Each one has been selected from some of our favourite brands, as well as being tried and tested by the Swifty Scooters team, and come with our seal of approval!



A Swifty is a very striking piece of design that is as great to look at as it is to ride, so why not show it off as such? Our stands and wall bracket give you the perfect opportunity to do just that. Easy to assemble and stylish to look at, they’re a sturdy solution for storing your Swifty.

SwiftyONE Wall Bracket - £29

Finding the floor space to keep your scooter can sometimes be a pain for city living, so why leave it on the floor at all? The Swifty Wall bracket is the ideal way to store your adult SwiftyONE folding scooter.

Practical and stylish it’s ideal for narrow hallways to really make the most of the space you have available. With the handy hook on the end, you’re able to safely store your Swifty, bag and helmet!

Swifty wall bracket, hanging bracket, scooter storing

Swifty Plywood Stand - £39 

Our plywood stand is the perfect sturdy storage solution for your Swifty. It fits all Swifty adult scooter models, simply slot in the front wheel and your scooter is safe.

To show you how easy it is to assemble watch the below video, you can have it put together in under 2 minutes!

big wheel adult scooter, push scooter 

Swifty Steel Stand - £59

The Steel Stand is Swifty’s heavier duty answer to storing any of our adult scooters. Made from 2mm formed mild steel this bespoke stand provides an even stronger mount for your Swifty.

Once again the Steel Stand can be assembled with ease, just use the 4mm Allen key that comes with the stand and you’ll have it ready to go in no time.

This stand also comes has a section that enables you to lock your scooter wheel to the stand, meaning you have maximum security! It’s designed to fit perfectly with the Hiplok D Lock discussed further later.

big wheel scooter, adult scooter, foot bike


Swifty Kids Booster – £39

Our Kids Booster is a great solution to transporting pre-school children once they’ve grown out of the buggy. Sometimes walking can be too slow but with you both, on a Swifty, you can get to where you’re going quicker and can travel a lot further! No one wants to be left out of a scooting trip, and with the booster for kids, no one needs to be! Ride along with the whole family with no hassle.

The booster for kids is ideal for children aged 3-5 years old. Made with an aluminium base and Birch plywood deck with grip tape it can take a maximum load of 25kg so perfect for your pre-school child.

It can be easily attached to the footplates of any of our adult scooters. Do note, however, that when it’s on the SwiftyONE the booster will obstruct the rear wheel folding ability of the scooter.

childrens scooter, kids booster




Safety is always paramount when you’re out scooting. Whether on the scoot commute or tackling some muddy mountains wearing a helmet is always recommended. We have some great adult’s and children’s helmets available on the site so everyone can go out and have fun with peace of mind.

Dashel Urban Scoot Helmet- £79

Who said safety can't be stylish? This safe, slim and lightweight helmet from Dashel is designed to last; with a multi-impact liner that doesn't degrade over time regular knocks that helmets take when carried about won't damage it, so you can invest in a helmet that won't need replacing every few years!

Manufactured in the UK this helmet is made from ABS shell and EPS liner making it light and safe. It comes with fit pads to make sure the fit is comfortable also act to wick away sweat as well as machine washable, to ensure long-lasting comfort!

best helmet for scooter, bike helmet, best bike helmet uk


For winter nights if you’re utilising your Swifty for a scoot-commute a light is going to be an essential bit of kit, both to see and to be seen! We have a selection of front and rear lights for you to choose between from the Lezyne Femto and Zecto ranges.

Lezyne Femto Drive LED Lights - £13 (each)

The Lezyne Femto lights are ideal for city riding. The front light comes with a clip and wrap system so can easily mount onto your Swifty’s handlebars no matter which model you have. The rear light can simply clip on to your backpack or clothes to make sure everyone behind you know you’re there.

The Femto lights are simply powered by two CR2032 batteries and the front is able to shine at 15 lumens, whereas the rear light shines at 7 lumens in all modes. Both also have a colossal battery life of up to 60 hours! We love the coloured anodised minimal design.

Scooter front light, lights for scooter

Lezyne Mini Drive 400 LED Front Light (Rechargeable) - £30 

The Lezyne Mini Drive is the brightest lights we stock, so perfect for guaranteeing that you’ll be seen wherever you’re scooting. Available in both black and silver it securely and simply straps to the handlebars of any of our adult scooters and children scooters.

The light is chargeable via the integrated cable-free USB stick and has 8 different output options. It can real a whopping 400 lumens when in ‘Day Flash’ mode and has a battery life of 20 hours when in ‘Femto’ mode.

LED bike lights, rechargeable scooter light

 Lezyne Zecto Drive LED Lights - £32.99 (Front) £50 (Rear)

The Zecto lights are ideal for when you’re riding down dark tracks and alleys, they’re going to be of best use illuminating your path. Like the Femto lights, the front utilises a clip and wrap mount system for easy application to your scooter, and the rear light can be attached to any clothing or bag with the clip.

The Zecto LED lights are both rechargeable via a micro-USB. The front light has a max lumen output of 250 lumens when in ‘Day Flash’ mode, and a single charge will last up to 15 ½ hours when in ‘Flash 1’ mode. The rear light also has a maximum of 250 lumens when in ‘Day Flash 1’ mode and the battery can last for up to 24 hours when in ‘Flash 2’ mode!

rear LED light, light for scooter, recharging LED light


A Swifty is ideal for popping out to the shops or nipping off to meet a friend, but you’re not going to be able to keep it with you all the time. Locks, as a result, are going to be an essential security measure for your scooter!

We recommend two types of lock, the Hiplok ‘D Lock’ and ‘Z-LOK’. Both provide you with the ability to lock your scooter wherever you’re heading to.

Hiplok Z-LOK COMBO Tie Lock - £19.99

The Z-LOK is the lower security of the two, it’s a ‘café lock', as some may say, it uses a combination locking mechanism so there’s no hassle with losing keys. It’s also smaller, lighter and flexible so can easily be squeezed into a bag. For low-risk areas and just to give you peace of mind when you’re away from your scooter, this is the best bet for a lock.

At £19.99 using two is also recommended, as it means you’re able to secure both wheels. Due to the size of it, this lock is also an ideal product for use with our kid's scooter the Swifty IXI. We also love the colours!

 Lezyne Z-LOK, scooter lock

Hiplok D lock - £49.99

We’d recommend this compact D Lock for use in cities and busy areas where your scooter might be more of a target, it’s a very secure key operated lock made of hardened steel. It has been approved with a Sold Secure Silver rating. The slim profile of the lock fits perfectly around the main frame tube of your Swifty. Weighing just over 1kg it’s a much heftier product than the Z-LOK, but comes with a clip that is easy to hook onto your belt or bag strap. The D Lock also perfectly integrates with our Steel Stand, so you can make sure your Swifty is both safe and looking stylish!

Both locks are available in multiple colours so you can find the right one to go with your colour scooter!

D lock, best d lock, secure scooter lock



Swifty Patch Label Hoodie - £65

Swifty's unisex hoodies are the ideal piece of clothing for you whether you're off out on a scoot or just lounging around the home! Made from 85% organic combed cotton and 15% recycled polyester, the fabric is a beautifully soft handle, long lasting quality and above all, awesome!

Loose-fitting with raglan sleeves, double layer hood and a pouch pocket, you can’t go wrong with a classic!

premium hoodie, high quality hoodie, scooter outfit 



We have a wide variety of different bags you can take advantage of on your scoot whether you’re just looking to take a pad and pen to a meeting, or a bag full of food to a picnic.

Swifty Drawstring Backpack - £12

Perfect for whatever your needs, our drawstring backpack is a classic lightweight bad that you can rely on everyday on your walks and rides. It has a 13L capacity so is perfect for taking the essential and then some!

Made from 100% certified organic cotton with 340g canvas, and with 100% recycled polyester Swifty Scooter labels it's perfect for everyone, and can be adjusted to fit children too! cottoon backpack, drawstring bag, scooter bag


Goodordering Handlebar Case - £18

The Handlebar Case is the perfect bag for when you just need to take little bits and bobs with you to a meeting. The bags Velcro strap feature allows the bag to be attached to the handlebars of any of our scooter models. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap so you’re able to wear it across your body when it’s not on your push scooter.

With a capacity of 1.7L, it’s the perfect bag for carrying the smaller items like your phone and keys without having to have them in your pockets.

handlebar bag, bag for scooting

Goodordering Handlebar Bag - £38

The Handlebar Bag has a bigger capacity of 6.5L meaning you can fit in your lunch, phone, wallet and it even has a slip pocket that will fit an iPad. This colourful and multifunctional bag is also able to be used as a shoulder bag by unclipping the adjustable length strap.

The box shape of the design means it’s easy to keep all your belongings neat and organised while the wider side pockets allow you to easily store bottles and umbrellas etc.

scooter frame, scooter for adults uk

Goodordering Classic Backpack - £60

If you’re looking for more storage than that the Classic Backpack might be what you’re after. This retro-style backpack is made from quality water-resistant nylon with durable PVC binding trim, pinstripe lining and leather branding tag.

Its capacity is 14.2L so can fit plenty in it and the size allows it to fit a 15-inch laptop comfortably. Once again the boxy shape means everything can be easily organised and kept neat after your journeys.

backpack for scooter, bike backpack

Goodordering Handlebar Shopper - £70

If you’re still needing more space to fit everything in look no further than the Handlebar Shopper! It can simply be attached to the handlebars of your Swifty

It also comes with high-quality YKK metal zips, nylon webbing and comfortable padded backpack straps. There are plenty of pockets inside for organisation and two side pockets for items such as umbrellas and bottles. Its capacity is 16.7L so can fit plenty in it and the size allows it to fit a 15-inch laptop comfortably with plenty more room beyond that!

shopper for scooter, scooter bags, best bag for scooter

Hill & Ellis Leather Handlebar Bag - £80

With a 1.2-litre capacity these Hill & Ellis handlebar bags are the perfect way to carry essential items as you scoot! Made from top quality full-grain Italian leather and handcrafted in the UK you can travel with confidence!

Adjustable buckle straps and a centred marine-grade clasp will keep your valuables safe on the go, and on top of all that a tree is planted for every bag purchased!


scooter bags, scooter pannier, leather handlebar bag


Protective Bag - ONE/ZERO/AIR - £125

Our Protective Bag is something altogether different; it’s for taking your Swifty away with you on holiday or long journeys. It’s a heavy-duty bag that can handle all the wear and tear that is dealt with on long journeys. With its waterproof tarpaulin fabric and reinforced base, you can be sure your Swifty is going to stay safe inside. There are also plenty of internal pockets in the bag for you to give it some extra padding if you’re worried, or just to squeeze in as much as possible for your trip!

The Protective Bag will fit your folded SwiftyONE with ease, simply slide it in, zip it up and you’re on your way. You are also able to fit your SwiftyZERO and SwiftyAIR into the case, it will just need to remove the rear wheel, front fork and handlebar, which is simple to do! Head to our YouTube for a more detailed rundown of how to fit your SwiftyAIR into the Protective Bag!


adult scooter bag, adult scooter protective bag


If you’re taking your Swifty to help you out with a big shop, then you might need something a big a bit more substantial than a bag, so we have a couple of different basket options available for you!

Both baskets will need you to purchase the KLICKfix Clamp Adapter and will connect to the frame of your scooter with ease. This means you’re able to attach and detach them effortlessly as and when you’re heading into the shops or your house, so make for a hassle-free solution to carrying belongings with you when you’re out for a scoot.

Rixen & Kaul Shopper Pro Bag - £44.99

With a capacity of 24L, the Rixen & Kaul Shopper Pro Bag gives you plenty of room to store everything you need from a big shop or trip! The Shopper Pro Bag comes with an additional drawstring cover so you can close it in seconds to keep all the contents safe and protected. It’s fully collapsible so can be stored easily and won’t take up too much space.

shopper bag, scooter shopping bag

Rixen & Kaul Wicker Basket - £49.99

This classically and elegantly designed basket is made of willow with foldable handle and chromium-plated steel bracket for the KLICKfix handlebar adapter.

At just over 1kg in weight, it’s a very light basket that has a capacity of 18L so an ideal size for the majority of your shopping trips!

front basket for scooter, scooter wicker basket


Already have your ideal backpack and just looking for an easier way to scoot with it? Then a Pannier rack is going to be the ideal solution for you!

Rixen & Kaul Vario Rack - £59.99

Then the Rixen & Kaul Vario Rack is the best solution to getting the weight of your bag off your back and onto the frame of your scooter so you’re able to go longer distances with all your belongings!

Once again using the KLICKfix Clamp Adapter you’re able to clip it on at two different heights depending on the size of your bag, backpack or laptop case. It can be easily removed in seconds if it’s not needed too, so hassle-free!

backpack rack for scooter, scooter bag holder




Make sure your Swifty is ready to tackle all types of weather with some mudguards! We have mudguards for all our adult model scooter in both silver and black to stop any debris from the ground flicking onto you during your journey.

SwiftyZERO Mudguards - £29

These mudguards are designed to fit perfectly with your SwiftyZERO MK2, made of hardwearing anodised aluminium they’re tough enough to face all weather. Easy to assemble and with all tools provided you can be out in the rain with nothing to worry about in no time!

They’re designed to fit perfectly with 305mm 16inch wheels that come with your SwiftyZERO Available in both black and silver, you can choose the set that best fits your Swifty!

We also have a handy video showing you step by step how to install your SwiftyZERO mudguards to help you!

front wheel mudguard, rear wheel mudguard

SwiftyAIR Mudguards - £29

The mudguards for the SwiftyAIR MK2 are made from a hardwearing polycarbonate plastic so are able to handle everything they are put through from our adult adventure scooter.

Please note while these are designed specifically for the SwiftyAIR they can also be fitted onto a SwiftyZERO. The SwiftyAIR mudguards have a wider profile so they will still work if you want to change out the standard wheels for some bigger ones!

offroad scooter, adventure scooter, scooter adventure

SwiftyONE Mudguards - £39

Our SwiftyONE MK3 mudguards are made of hardwearing steel so are ready to face the elements, they also have stainless steel wire stays. The fixings and tools needed for assembly are all included and so is a rubber flap to help protect you from all the spray you’ll encounter on your commute.

They do not affect the folding mechanism of our adult urban scooter, and in fact, have a strip of cork that can be attached to the rear mudguard to that it will not get scratched on the ground when it’s folded up.

They're also available in both black and silver so you can choose what fits your scooter best!

scooter with big wheels, adult manual scooter, scooter with large wheels


Swifty Bell - £19

The Swifty Bell is perfect for making your presence known to scooter riders, pedestrians and other road and path users. The bell has a Brass top and rivet with a stainless steel lever and emits a clear, audible sound when rung.

Easy to attach to your scooter's handlebars this 40mm diameter bell makes an instant impression and its pared-back aesthetic lends itself well to all our range of scooters!

scooter bell, bell for scooter, bike bell

Swifty Multi Tool - £19

The Swifty Multi Tool is a Low profile multi-tool optimised for modern component groups. Made from stainless steel and small enough to get in your pocket or bag it's ideal to take on the go with you to quickly and easily fix any loose parts of your scooter while out and about!

multi tool, small multi tool, handheld multi tool

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