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Best Adult Kick Scooter for Fitness and Exercise – Swifty reviewed

Best Adult Kick Scooter for Fitness and Exercise – Swifty reviewed

Adult kick-scooters from British brand Swifty Scooters are high-quality kick-scooters with 16-inch pneumatic wheels. With bike-like features, they offers an unbeatable smooth ride and stable handling that any adult rider deserves. A Swifty kick-scooter is certainly more than a last-mile solution. Built for longer distances, it could be your solution to building fitness into your day-to-day life.


Swifty kick-scooters boast a maximum load rating of 150kg, as well as a lightweight aluminium frame. This combination of lightweight (total 8.2kg) and strength equates to one of the most nimble and reliable adult scooters around.

“Using an adult scooter means that I’m activating my muscles, burning calories and getting me from A to B, it’s WIN-WIN-WIN.”Toby Olubi, professional athlete and Swifty ambassador.

A great new way to exercise, the adult kick-scooter

High intensity and low impact

Kick-scooting is a fantastic form of low impact cardio. This means you can maintain heart rate for a cardiovascular workout, without putting an unwanted impact on your joints. This is why anyone who may have suffered from repetitive strain injury could find kick-scooting a fantastic option to maintain fitness outside.

“I don’t like the gym, and would much rather get my cardio in outdoors. But running is not for me, as any snowboarder wouldn’t want any additional strain on hips and knee joints.” - Billy Morgan, snowboarder.

fitness scooter, adult scooter, kick scooter, exercise scooter

Kick-scooting also offers a variable workout – from long distance cardio to High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, a kick-scooter can be a great addition to compliment other sports.

“Kick-scooting is something that can have long-term benefits for the whole of the lower body. It’s a compound workload for the lower body as opposed to just targeting a couple of muscle groups.” - Alex Lawson, personal trainer.

Read more from Alex Lawson in the Journal: Swifty Scooters Fitness - interview with Alex Lawson PT

Light, fast and strong

Weighing only 8.5kg, the light and nimble scooters from Swifty allows your energy to be transferred into speed. The Swifty frame geometry combines a longer wheelbase, angled headtube, and fork offset which provides stability at speed. With speed, you also need reliable brakes. The Swifty comes with both front and rear Tektro V-brakes. The Swifty also boasts a maximum load rating of 150kg, which shows the strength of the frame and also the wheelsets (double wall rims and 32 spokes per wheel). Built to last a lifetime, this kick-scooter also has been tested over very long distances. In 2015 adventurer Russell Smith kick-scooted 1000 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats on a Swifty and in 2017, the adventurer Dave Cornthwaite clocked 1000 miles on his Swifty during his Scoot Japan trip. Long distance scoots are not just the boys though, find out about our super-gran Dinah when she kick-scooted 500 miles through the west of Scotland, in the journal.

“It’s not easy reaching 1000 miles without a motor but I’ve had a couple of years of chronic back and leg pains and I finished this trip in just the best health. I’m in the best condition I’ve been in for years and my girlfriend is pretty happy with the results!” – Dave Cornthwaite, Scoot Japan.

scoot japan on swiftyzero fitness scooter with big wheels for long distances

Big Wheel-Size Matters! 16 inch (16x305)

The Swifty ride is a smooth one, mainly due to the 16 inch (305mm) wheels. The pneumatic tyres give the scooter ride its unbeatable glide. Scooters with hard wheels usually rattle easily while riding it on different terrain, which can make the ride much less enjoyable. If you’re looking to clock up some miles, a pneumatic wheel is a must. Swifty's comes with high-pressure tyres can be pumped to 100psi.

“I pump the tyres to about 80psi, which is hard enough to reduce rolling resistance, but evens out the bumps at the same time” - Jason Iftakhar, Swifty Scooters Founder.

fitness scooter

Healthy body and mind

Adding a scooter ride to your daily routine can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Getting outside and into the fresh air is not only invigorating and fun but also proven to be essential for looking after physical and mental wellbeing. A kick-scooter is highly versatile. Whether it’s used as a fitness tool or as a form of active travel, an adult scooter can be a way to seamlessly add fitness into an already busy routine. You’ll be able to reap the rewards without a massive change to your lifestyle.

"The main thing I like about Swifty is the strong look, the bigger wheels and stylish colours. Swifty just makes life roll easier. My dog Daphne loves to run alongside my Swifty or pull me along for the journey." - Charlotte Gilmartin, Speed Skater.

large wheel scooter, adult push scooters, best adult scooters

“As a converted cyclist the main thing that I enjoy, apart from the convenience, is the ratio of cardio to speed. I find running too slow, and cycling too fast which I sometimes find stressful, scooting is a perfect speed for me, you get the similar thrill of a bit of speed but can maintain a steady pace at the same time. For me, it’s the perfect stress buster!" - Camilla Iftakhar, Swifty Scooters Co-Founder.

Read more from Camilla in the Journal: 5 Unexpected Outcomes After a Year of the Scoot-Commute.

Fitness Scooters for Tall Riders

The regular Swifty is suitable for riders up to 6’2’’ but for those of us looking for scooters for taller adults, we also have you covered. Just select the taller handlebar on the product page! With the tall handlebar, riders up to 6’5’’ can stand tall and rise comfortably!

If you want to try out the regular height first and see if it’s comfortable for you can always buy a handlebar riser at a later date, it’s easy to swap them out. Because it’s so simple to switch the handlebars over it’s a breeze to share your Zero between multiple people, short and tall!

Ready to add an adult scooter to your workout routine? You can get your own Swifty Scooter here

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