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custom scooter colour

Custom Scooter Colours

Custom Scooter Colours

Imagine a scooter in your favourite colour – how awesome would that be? Here at Swifty, we love a good colour. 

Colours can have a big influence on how we feel and how we show ourselves to the world. When riding a Swifty, we always prefer to ride in style. Colour of the month is your chance to get a scooter in the colour you absolutely love. 

Get in touch to order your custom painted scooter!

Celebrating Design

Being a designed led company, the Swifty co-founders Jason and Camilla like to celebrate great creativity. Swifty has evolved from making the first batch by hand in Jason’s workshop to manufacturing on a larger scale. We have a great passion for making and designing the best quality products. Custom modifications, including these custom colours, are all done at SwiftyHQ in Manchester.

“Sometimes we like to get a bit creative, and we know our customers like to as well!”

The Colour of October 2019: Vintage Navy.

navy blue adult kick scooter

The Colour of August 2019: Fire Chrome.

metallic red coloured big wheel scooter

The Colour of July 2019: Cream Soda.

cream coloured big wheel scooter

The Colour of June 2019: Echo Blue.

blue scooter

The Colour of May 2019: Retro Red.

colour of the month retro red

The Colour of April 2019: Sakura Sky.

custom colour scooter, colour of the month, pastel scooter

The Colour of March 2019: Racing Green.

racing green scooter colour of the month custom colour

The Colour of February 2019: Powder Pink.

custom coloured scooter powder pink scooter


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