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liverpool to leeds, canal scoot commute with kick scooter from swifty

Liverpool to Leeds Canal Scoot Commute, Guest Blog Post

Liverpool to Leeds Canal Scoot Commute, Guest Blog Post

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Swifty, I guess I’ve got used to gliding about through the London streets carving up the wide open pavements late at night with the endlessly huge grin it gives me, and the regular offers from friends to “look after it” for a while….

adult kick scooter with big wheels, commute scooter, endurance scooter

Russell Smith –

Now the weather has turned better and my UK adventures for the year are slowly being put into place I’m finding my Swifty becoming the sole source of inspiration, the one form of transport I want to visit places with.

How far could I travel on this perfectly formed urban explorer commuter Swifty scooter?

I have chosen two great cities to commute between in the North-West of England, the heart land of Swifty Scooters, the cities of Liverpool and Leeds. I’ll start off in Liverpool, the canal winds across the Pennines, past 91 locks to Leeds. A cool 130 miles. I’m a sucker for canals, for how relaxing and tranquil they can be, so I’ll be using the canal as my route choice over three days.

I love how the SwiftyONE, being an urban vehicle, is complementary to the soul of the canal. Once these revolutionary waterways were the enablers of industrial growth in Britain, linking cities and towns together in a complex network. Today, these canal paths have become an escape route for city dwellers, a quick route out of the hum of the city, into the countryside and to tranquillity.

liverpool to leeds on the canal by kick scooter

Liverpool to Leeds Canal – Five Rise Staircase Lock at Bingley by woodytyke

I’m a little nervous, I’ve only scooted 20 miles in one go before, but I know it’s capable of doing 7-10 MPH. So Saturday 23rd May, I’ll be leaving Liverpool and scooting all the way to Leeds, I’m planning on it only taking three days so arriving on Monday 25th in time to catch some of the bank holiday...

It’s time to take the SwiftyONE on a distant journey, so let the good times roll!


Read Russell’s blog about his Monopoly board scootathon around London here


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