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london mayor sadiq khan rides electric adult scooter from UK brand swifty scooters

London Mayor Sadiq Khan rides Swifty's Electric Adult Scooter

London Mayor Sadiq Khan rides Swifty's Electric Adult Scooter

Cover image: Sadiq Khan’s White SwiftyZERO adult scooter with the electric kit

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan gives his approval on his first test ride of his Swifty Scooter!

Kicking off London tech week, Swifty Scooters joined the team at Plexal, the new tech hub at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It was fantastic to have Sadiq Khan to try out the new tech London has to offer, as well as test riding our scooters!

electric foldable adult scooter, sadiq khan rides e-scooter from swifty scooters

Sadiq Khan kicking off London Tech Week 2017

The London Mayor has pledged a new £1.6bn cleantech investment fund for London to turn the capital into “world’s leading smart city”.

“The potential for cutting-edge technology to tackle a host of social, economic and environmental challenges is immeasurable.”

“From air pollution and climate change to housing and transport, new technologies and data science will be at the heart of the long-term solutions to urban challenges.”

Sadiq Khan is riding White SwiftyZERO fitted with the electric kit. For more info please sign up to our newsletter: sign up

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Transform your commute with a Swifty, Jason Iftakhar meets Sadiq Khan.


  • Make scooter in the uk legal they are good modes of transport and cheap to get around are GOOD for the environment cutting down on pollution!

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