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adult scooter, scooter with big wheels, kick scooter

Safety Tips For Your Adventure Scoot Commute

Safety Tips For Your Adventure Scoot Commute

It’s no wonder that more of us are choosing to ditch the dull, grey views of traffic jams and crammed train carriages, in exchange for a more active and adventurous commute to work. Here are a few tips for a safe and fun scoot commute! 

adult scooter, scooter with big wheels, kick scooter, safety tips for the scoot commute

Discover New Routes

Don’t be disillusioned into thinking that driving to work is the quickest. Scooting can cut your travel time down significantly and you can avoid that all too familiar morning congestion. Scooting can open up routes that you may never have thought possible, including flying through the backstreets and alleyways that are inaccessible to even cyclists.

When it comes to the more adventurous commute, your safety is our priority, and this has been taken into consideration during the design process of each one of our scooters. Swifty’s 16-inch wheels can handle rough terrain, including grass, gravel and dirt tracks, where smaller wheeled scooters might send you into a nose dive! The pneumatic wheels absorb the vibrations that plastic wheels cannot, meaning there is no troublesome rattling that can be tiring on the body. With this, you can make a smooth, quiet and fun transition from the suburbs into urban city centres, taking advantage of parks, canal towpaths and pathways.

adult scooter, scooter with big wheels, kick scooter, safety tips for scoot commute

Where can I scoot?

The beauty of scooting is that you can choose a variety of routes. However, we ask all of our customers to scoot with care and respect of pedestrians. It's a good idea to fit your scooter with a bell and use it when overtaking pedestrians from behind, but if your route is busy, you must slow down to walking pace, as scooters do not have any right of way. It is worth checking with your local authority to find out if you’re allowed to use bike lanes, pavements or pathways, as legislation varies from region to region.

Safety on Rough Terrain and at Speed

Unlike many scooters on the market, Swifty has considered their deck height to aid your adventurous spirit! Swifty’s have a 75mm ground clearance, meaning you are unlikely to bottom out even on rough terrain, this opens up new routes for you on your scoot commute. If you are going to be going through any rocky areas, or up and down hills, remember to always wear a helmet! Be careful when going downhill, you’ll be surprised by how much speed you can pick up! To keep tight control of your Swifty, use front and rear brakes together, bend your knees, dip low, and keep your weight leaning back.

adult scooter, scooter with big wheels, kick scooter, safety tips for scoot commute

The benefits of using kick scooters are endless. Whether you’re scooting to work, to school, nipping into town or just out having fun, we want your experience with Swifty to be just as safe as it is fun. Adult kick scooters are now becoming established as a stylish, safe and practical way to manoeuvre your way through busy urban life!


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