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Swifty's Scooter Survey May 2020

Swifty's Scooter Survey May 2020

In our recent questionnaire, we asked the scooter community for some feedback. The aim was to compile some opinion data about adult-scooters!

We asked who, why and how often! We also asked about what safety guidelines or regulation could be brought in for safer road rules for scooter riders!


Thanks to those who took part in our survey!

At Swifty Scooters, we would like to offer the DfT support in creating new regulations to safeguard scooter riders. In our experience, small wheels do present potential dangers, but there are other common features of e-scooters that are on the market that are inherently dangerous for use on the roads. Consumers need to be more informed about which ones are safe to ride. The different types and designs can be regulated by way of a more thorough manufacturers safety standard. These types can be identified most easily by wheel-size.

We welcome the inclusion of scooters in the UK's transport plans as they provide diversity in modality and provide for the diverse needs of the population. We would like to see the inclusion of kick-scooters in active travel policy as the evidence in this report shows how a kick-scooter can provide mobility for a more diverse group of people. 

We would welcome incentives like the cycle-to-work scheme to encourage active travel modes over electric modes. Our passion for kick-scooters and hybrid ‘kick-assist’ e-scooters is helping people to stay fit and healthy.

The increase in the use of ‘micromobility’ as a whole, or light and zero-emission vehicles is a positive step forward. Although scooter trips account for fairly short distance trips, they represent significant mileage and therefore a significant CO2 saving.

We look forward to a safer, greener and cleaner future for urban mobility.

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