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UK E-scooters Law & Micromobility - Have YOUR Say!

UK E-scooters Law & Micromobility - Have YOUR Say!

The UK government is currently looking for information regarding e-scooters and micromobility to help it make the correct step towards legalising and integrating these modes of transport into our daily lives.

Now more than ever the benefits of micromobility travel options can be seen and embraced by the public, and they will without a doubt be a huge asset to get our cities moving again in the near future. It’s something we know all too well about and will be submitting our views on how to safely integrate kick and e-scooters ensuring it’s safe for everyone.

We wouldn’t be the company we are without our incredible Swifty community, so we want to make sure you are all represented in our evidence too!

We’ve made the below questionnaire for you to quickly and easily fill in your views and experiences with scooters to give the government an idea of all the positive effects you’ve found from your scooters, and the benefits they can bring to those around us!

It takes less than 10 mins to complete and three entrants selected at random will get their hands on either a £100, £50 or £25 gift voucher which can be used to purchase anything from our online store.


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For those looking to know a bit more; there are currently three reports that the UK Govt is calling for written evidence on about E-scooters and micromobility-

The Transport Committee Inquiry - Has launched an inquiry to explore the safety and legal implications of electric scooters, their impact on congestion, and potential contribution to reducing the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, ahead of the Government’s obligations to reach net-zero by 2050

Department for Transport  - Are asking for views and info on legalising rental e-scooter trials, in particular, ‘defining an e-scooter, its maximum speed and power, and setting the rules that users must follow in e-scooter trials.’

Department for Transport  - Are also asking for information and views on legalising ‘Micromobility vehicles’ taking into consideration vehicle requirements, user requirements, use on the road and service provider agreements.

We welcome you, of course, to submit your own views directly to any of the reports, but for those who don’t want to sit down and sift through three different reports, our survey is a simple way to get your voice heard.

Through our questionnaire, we aim to understand more about your scooter ownership and use as well as your opinions about, and attitudes towards scooter use in public spaces. 


We’re looking forward to reading your responses!


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